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Letters to the Editor

Treasure Hill: People need to get the picture


Please print a picture and story about the Treasure Hill project. It is so incredibly massive and way disproportionate to the neighborhood. I have been aware of the project for some time, but was taken aback at the size. The project needs to be more in line with the Town Lift, blended into the town, not overpowering it. Please inform the residents of Park City and open up discussion so that we are all aware of what is headed our way.

Thank you so much for your consideration and attention,

Fiona Garda

New Orleans, La.

Project would change the essence of Park City


My family and I have enjoyed the quiet, scenic life in Park City for upwards of 25 years. We’ve owned a home off of Lowell Avenue for 20 of those years. We’ve watched the city change, some for the better, some for the worse, but what the Sweeneys are planning would change the very essence of Park City. The project is a monstrosity. The building of this project alone would completely disrupt the city.

Most of Park City does not travel Lowell or Empire roads, at least not regularly. For those of us who do, it is a nightmare during the winter season, and that is with the current traffic, snow removal, illegal parking and ongoing single-home construction. There are already countless delays trying to navigate Empire and Lowell on a regular basis. With the added strain of this project, the resulting delays would be staggering.

There are so many ramifications for the building, supplying, staffing, etc. of this project that it is only right that the city as a whole, and not just those privy to insider information, know as much as possible. Reading about the project is one thing, but to see a rendering of it is imperative to fully grasp the size of this thing.

Chris Weitzner

Shaker Heights, Ohio

Patriotism in Park City? Welcome aboard


Thank you for the front-page story that mentions all the patriotic feelings being expressed this week. It is great to know that it is once again fashionable. Welcome aboard, Park City. We’ve been waiting for you!

Jimmy Campbell


Replies were just more liberal banter


Thank you for printing my comments. I was surprised it made it in your paper and even more so that it was during the SFF when so many liberals are running around town. I read the replies in today’s (Wednesday’s) paper and they had no effect on my position, just more liberal bantering. As for my support of Israel, I feel that nation is doing everything possible to protect its people and the Palestinians from the terrors of Hamas. The embargo was an attempt at hurting Hamas and it failed.

There is a lot of talk about how Israel reacted last week but very little talk about the weekly and daily missiles sent into Israel at innocent civilians and the effect that has had on the people there. I believe that the majority of the reports we hear from the Palestinians and the media is twisted half truths or rearranged facts. This is one of the main tools used by terrorist groups and has so far been very successful for Hamas.

Brent Smith

Park City


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