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Letters to the Editor


I would like to thank the coaches, Matt Hayes and Sara Valentine, and the Park City High School Swim team for another exciting season. The hard work and team effort on both the boys’ and girls’ team was inspirational! How can someone explain in words the thrill of watching Brent Weldon swim the 100 Freestyle beating the top state swimmer by .08 seconds and to be helped out of the pool by Jon Dalton! It was great to see the PCHS swimmers turn to their competitors and offer a congratulatory and/or good luck handshake. It was a great swim season, and we will miss our seniors — Austin Archibald, Jon Dalton, Jon Norgren, Taylor Kinnebrew and Brent Weldon on the boys’ team and Erin Odell, Kristy Gulliver, Hannah Nicholes, Maddie Yarbenet and Cate Williams on the girls’ team. Count me in, Coach Matteus, to cheer and support the Park City High School Swim Team!


Rita Kinnebrew

Park City

A Record intern’s reflections


For the last six and a half weeks, I have worked as an intern here at The Park Record, where the editor has asked me to write a few paragraphs about the experience. That I have been asked to do this serves as good an example of the demeanor in the office as I can think of: thoughtful and slightly quirky.

The second of these traits was immediately apparent. On my first day I was sent to Main Street to investigate a seemingly impossible Laundromat. When I was back in the office, I was shown to my desk, a ramshackle affair banished into the corner next to the storage closet and copy machine, where I found that I had a companion — a small bottle containing a rigid cobra, mantel flared, tongue hanging stiffly to one side, its eyes glazed by the film of death.

Since my arrival, these bizarre discoveries, both in the field and the office, have continued to keep me on my proverbial toes. I learned that my coworkers, mostly in their 20s or early 30s, are each in their own way as unique as myself, and have maintained a healthy distance from "the Dark Side" — or advertising department (this is the order in which it was introduced to me.)

I have had the privilege of covering a medley of stories during my time here. From attending a dog race on a Saturday morning to a midnight beat in The Music Taxi, to an evening scramble along Main Street in search of a Slamdance ticket, my schedule and material have been equally fluid. If internships are meant to expose the ones who do them to a new wedge of professional life, mine has been a flamboyant success.

I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks, both to my coworkers (even those on the Dark Side) and the reading public, especially those whom I have interviewed. While this paper is produced for you, it is important to know that it couldn’t be made without you. From everyone at The Park Record, you have our thanks.

Glen Heinrich-Wallace

Record intern

A scholar’s passing


As you may be aware Dr. W. Cleon Skousen, founder of the National Center for Constitutional Studies, recently passed away. Throughout his life Dr. Skousen impacted literally hundreds of thousands of people through his writings and lectures. Many people expressed a desire to attend his funeral but simply were unable to attend or were unaware of his passing. The Skousen family taped the funeral service and has made it available on DVD for those who would like a copy. If you would like a copy of this DVD, please copy and paste the link below into your browser, http://www.nccs.net/w_cleon_skousen.html.


Jeremy Nelson

National Center for Constitutional Studies


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