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Letters to the Editor

Failed auction wasn't Kimball event


The Kimball Art Center wishes to clarify that the recent article entitled "Auction goes bust " (The Park Record, April 18-21) was describing an outside event held by a Las Vegas firm in mid-March. It was an independent facility-rental contract for one evening at the Kimball and is otherwise unrelated to the Kimball and our annual Art Auction and Gala. Our Auction this year will be held on July 30th to kick off our 40th Park City Kimball Arts Festival weekend. We plan to offer affordable art to suit every collector’s price range and we look forward to a great event.

Robin Rankin

Director, Kimball Art Center

Why should race matter in news story?


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I’ve enjoyed reading this newspaper during every trip I’ve made to Park City — it is informative and, for the most part, unbiased. However, the recent article, "Boy seen with gun," that was published on the front page on April 8th, offended me by unnecessarily bringing race into the issue.

The article read, "All of them are Latino, the Police said." This would be a completely reasonable comment if it was used to identify the boys, say, if other distinguishing features were mentioned (hair color, height etc). But the fact that race is mentioned twice ("He said that the three boys, reported to be Latinos…") without any mention of other physical traits, is unintentionally encouraging the pattern of racism that is so common today.

While this comment may’ve been added with no ill motive at heart, I think it would benefit the entire community if care was taken to prevent similar comments from being made in the future.

Jane Sullivan

Cordova, Nev.

Donations flowed at cocktail contest


The big crowd at the annual Restaurant Association Park City Cocktail Contest at the Wasatch Brew Pub was awesome! The joint was packed and the donations flowed to The People’s Health Clinic which provides quality health care to those without insurance.

With the leadership of Greg Schirf, Wasatch Brew Pub owner, and Nicole Madrid of the Park City Restaurant Association, a conflagration of fun and enthusiastic Parkites and visitors joined together to celebrate the best bartenders in Park City and to support a healthy community by donating some money to the People’s Health Clinic.

Thank you to the Board of the Park City Restaurant Association; Nicole Madrid, Ginger Ries and Christie Dilloway from the PCRA as well as to Greg Schirf and Paul Brown from the Wasatch Brew Pub for their work in organizing this fun event and their generosity in matching the patrons’ donation.

Judy Sobin

Executive director, The People’s Health Clinic

Huge thanks to patrol, medical crews


I’d like to recognize a few members of our community whom oftentimes get overlooked, or at least get taken for granted. On April 16th while skiing at PCMR, I was involved in a collision with a tree resulting in serious abdominal injuries. My eventual return to good health can only be attributed to the expedient, caring, and professional handling by the Park City Ski Patrol, Air Med, and the trauma team and caregivers at IMC in Salt Lake City. My thanks alone do not give justice to the commitment these folks make every day to protect us, care for us when we’re in need, and to ensure we can come back to the great sport of skiing when we have been unfortunate enough to require their services.

I have been an employee at Deer Valley Resort for 16 years, six of them as a mountain host and have seen our expert patrol in action up close. Until now, I have never personally experienced a need for ski patrol’s assistance with an injury. But I can tell you with all certainty, when an accident happens to you, and possibly your life is in their hands, you can be extremely confident that patrol staff will do all in their power to get you safely to further medical help as expediently as possible. My huge thanks go to the Park City patrolers who assisted me on that day. Same with the Air Med pilot and EMTs who made me feel safe and secure. Many days in the winter we see these folks flying overhead, but we rarely consider how we would feel if one of us, or a loved one, was injured skiing and inside those copters. I can tell you from experience now, I will always look overhead with different thoughts and feelings. Many kudos to the Air Med crew and staff. And the trauma team at IMC! There’s not enough space here to elaborate. Let it suffice to say they are a well-trained, highly skilled drill team in whose hands I would put anyone’s care! Bravo!

Next time you’re out skiing, please take the time to say a quick thank you to any patroler you pass, and wave to the Air Med/Life Flight teams as they pass overhead. I never imagined I would someday require the experienced care from the above-mentioned people. Now I am glad they are all vital members of OUR community!

Scott S. Sherwood

Park City

Bonus week of skiing was so much fun


I’d like to send out a big thank you to Park City Mountain Resort and all the staff whose efforts made the bonus week of skiing so much fun. It was a real treat for so many locals and visitors as well. Good call !

I personally got an extra 10% (almost) of my skiing for the season in at the end during that privileged last week. And I did it with some really good new friends that I met at PCMR doing lift-line control — Lois P., Mike D., and Mary Pat B. PCMR, we all salute you!

Because the season was so much fun it will be a difficult but necessary transition to spring activities. But we skiers and boarders always keep our hope alive for the next time we can play in the snow.

Thanks PCMR,

Doug Koehler


Bad news for the bed base


The recent problems involving payment to owners of their share of rental revenues received by lodging-management companies should concern the entire community.

The condo owners supply a huge amount of the capital on which our economy runs and the return on their investments helps maintain real-estate values for that segment of the market. If they don’t get paid, it will hurt many Parkites and could well diminish the number of nightly rentals available — the bed base on which our business community says it depends.

For these reasons, I suggest two actions that local governments can implement: First, the County should reserve part of the Transient Room Tax in a fund to reimburse owners who don’t receive their agreed-upon share of rentals. This obviously squeezes the Chamber/Bureau, but what’s the point of selling Park City to visitors if the money they spend doesn’t go where it should? Second, the City should require sound accounting practices and perhaps escrow accounts as conditions of property managers’ business licenses.

The magnitude of this problem can’t be overstated. As long as developers are allowed to use bed base as a rationale for their projects, the community must do more to protect the owners of those beds.

Bruce Margolius


Thanks, PCMR, for the extra week


A BIG thank you to PCMR and all their employees for the extra week of great skiing. It made staying home for spring break well worth it.

Russell Paskoski and the Paskoski family