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Editor; This past Saturday’s article on the Candidate Forum for the 20- to 30-something group reported that in discussions about affordable housing, I said, "The city is planning to build a 400- to 600-unit structure that will be built in one of two locations either in Snow Creek or by the old sewer treatment site&" What I really said was, that it may be possible to build some affordable housing units in the Snow Creek or old sewer treatment site, and that we could get four to six units in there. Four to six. Not even 40 to 60, and under no stretch of the imagination, could it be 400 to 600. Fortunately, I believe that the average Park City resident possesses significantly more common sense than what is demonstrated by The Park Record editorial staff, and would immediately recognize the gross inaccuracy of the data as reported. Most of us are used to that. I am just as concerned, however, about the license taken by The Park Record to change the word "possible" to "planning." I know that The Park Record is disappointed that this has been a rather lack-luster campaign, stating that visionaries have been replaced with bean counters, but come on guys, perhaps a bean counter or two at The Park Record could help prevent some of the ridiculously false statements frequently reported. Sincerely, Jim Hier Park City Commentary on letters Editor: I like to read the letters to the editor. There are a couple of letters recently that really irritated me. The first one was from Chuck Hayes and his criticism of Mexicans. I work at a resort and in the winter we get a lot of foreigners and the first thing that crosses my mind is what an injustice we are doing to our English-only-speaking children. Most of these kids grow up not knowing any other language. It seems to me that most other countries teach these kids AT AN EARLY AGE another language. I envy them for their bilingual abilities. Our children don’t even know geography much less other cultures or other languages and this has been true for decades. I don’t think you can blame that on the Mexicans. This makes our kids very ignorant of peoples around the world. I hate to break this to you but the world is becoming a much smaller place and the more we understand the people of other countries, the better for everyone. You can only understand them by speaking languages other than English. My 19-year-old son became fluent in Spanish, not by just taking the classes, but by working with, living with and socializing with Spanish-speaking people. Not only has he learned the language but he has learned about the people. He has learned that they are people&just like us. The other letter had to do with hunting in Round Valley. I hiked up the Park City hill to the backside. I heard a round of gunshots and saw a herd of deer run past. I turned around and left. This was the first time I have heard gunshots. I called the Summit County Sheriff and was told that hunting was permitted in Round Valley. I called the Park City police and was told that hunting is NOT permitted. I think there is some confusion. It seems to me that since Park City purchased Round Valley the citizens should say in how it’s used and citizens should know if it is safe during hunting season. Ann Kruse Park City Need for a hospital Editor: I have been a board member of the Summit Community Hospital Development Foundation since 2001. We convened four years ago to assess the feasibility of building a community hospital, one that would be patient-centered, accessible to all, and a hospital that would accept many insurance providers’ policies. I am a full-time working mom and commute daily to Salt Lake City. I would love to be able to bring my children to a Park City hospital for emergency care. I respect other people’s opinions, but I feel driving 30 miles for hospital services is far from ideal. Along with other board members, I spent countless hours exploring the feasibility of building a community nonprofit hospital that will serve our basic needs: High quality 24-hour emergency service, orthopedic surgery, cardiac, pediatrics, labor and delivery and others – – a patient-focused, high-tech hospital with private rooms, staffed by the very best personnel we can obtain. We conducted surveys, feasibility studies, focus group meetings, and finally, in 2003, determined that the best partner for us to achieve our goals would be Intermountain Health Care. We held press conferences, public meetings, and gathered databases of people who appreciated the time we had spent to bring something of this importance to our community. When I recently read a few city council candidates’ comments questioning the "need for a hospital," I was dismayed. I welcome the opportunity for those questioning the NEED to call our hospital foundation office at 649-2511, visit our Web site http://www.hospital4us.org, or stop by and look through all of the work that has been done, which, from my perspective, clearly establishes a STRONG NEED for a hospital. Sincerely, Shana Hopperstead Park City

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