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Letters to the Editor


I love The Park Record. It really is a great small-town paper that keeps us up to speed on what is going on locally. Was the photo on the front page of the Scene section in the Feb 15 issue really necessary? I sat down to read the paper, with my two girls sitting in the same room, playing and doing homework, and felt like I had to hide the paper. I am by no means a prude but this is the first time that I can recall feeling like I can’t leave The Record sitting on the coffee table. It isn’t like there are any "privates" showing but it is still too much. If "The Full Monty" at the Egyptian has been rated as being inappropriate for younger audiences, why would you put that photo in a community newspaper?

Please don’t do that again. It is disappointing.

Amanda Helmcken

Park City

Firefighter training


Park City Fire Service District would like to thank Gorgoza Park and Park City High School for allowing us the use of their facilities for training. Over the past week or so, Park City Firefighters have been able to take advantage of some invaluable training.

At Gorgoza Park, firefighters were able to practice snowmobile operations in conjunction with a new All Terrain Res-Q trailer. The Res-Q trailer will be used to assist people injured on some of the lower trails around Park City.

Park City High School allowed us to train in a portion of the school that is planned to be remodeled. Firefighters spent many hours training on rooftop ventilation, search and rescue, and structural firefighting simulations.

In both instances, firefighters were provided opportunities to utilize equipment and skills they might otherwise only get to use in emergency situations.

Thanks again, we appreciate the opportunities.

Tricia Hurd

Park City Fire Service District

For the reposed soul of Michael Dalton

Dear Daddy,

Without you by my side,

now I feel as if I’m blind.

You see Daddy,

I miss you more than words can say.

You were my dad

and you always made my day.

You made me laugh.

You made me smile.

You were there

when things got rough.

You cheered me on

and played with me.

You would sometime

spend your day with me.

I love you with all my heart,

I feel left out in the dark.

I will never forget

my memories with you.

Stay with me,

watch over me.

Watch your daughter grow up

into a nice, loving wife.

You see Daddy, even though

we can’t see you,

doesn’t mean that you are not here.

I love you Daddy

And I hope you love me, too.


Kate Dalton

Park City

Big Band Sweetheart Dance


Three or four generations of Park City danced the night away at the second annual PCHS Big Band Sweetheart Dance held at the Yarrow Hotel on Feb. 10. It is so heartwarming to see lovers of all ages come together to enjoy a community dance party. Our community is bonded not only by the love of the outdoors, but with the love for the arts and good company. On behalf of the PCHS music department, I thank our local businesses and services who donated raffle prizes, the Yarrow for their generous contributions, Leslie Stark at the Eccles Center box office for selling out our tickets, and our fun-loving guests for a fantastic evening. We look forward to swinging with you next year.


Keiko Ito Moffett

Dance organizer

Property rights violated


Leaders are needed from outside Summit County to protect and help preserve the liberty, freedom and rights of landowners. Senator Mansell proposed Senate Bill 170 that could help

where local governments have a dictatorship agenda, where they can pick and choose who they will accommodate over others.

Example: Four, then, hard-working, self-employed citizens purchased 21-acre plots of land more than 25 years ago. It took sacrifice and stuggle to pay the interest and payments over a 10-year period. It was to be their retirement. Now they are elderly, have mortgages on homes and are in need of money for medical and living expenses.

This land is a beautiful flat acreage surrounded by a sea of homes and condos five to 11 per acre. Conservative plans have been submitted several times, no more than two units to an acre, and were denied. They say they want the land to be open space at our expense. Encouragement came last year when officials proposed putting light commercial on the front portion and rentals or timeshares on the remaining sight. Now no one wants to honor that commitment. We were once told they have large developments and have no time for us small people.

Us small people have tried to work with the county for 15 years. The torment, stress and strain is causing medical bills and deterioration of health. It’s time for help.

Anna Eddington

Salt Lake City

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