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Letters to the Editor

Prez to name czar of mountain recreation


(The text of President Obama’s next announcement)

My fellow Americans:

This is a historic day. Economic stress tests by my staff have provided an early warning indicating that another one of America’s industries needs the intrusion of the federal government. Thus, by executive order, I am pleased to announce the appointment of the Mountain Recreation and Economic Sustainability Czar. For this position, I expect to appoint a person heavily steeped in government policy. The objective of this office will be to expand mountain recreation opportunities to the broader populist. The model for this office is the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 and the legislative changes of the mid ’90s.

With skyrocketing prices of mountain recreational activities, a typical family of four can no longer afford an enjoyable day at the ski resort. Lift ticket, instruction, gear and food prices are sky high. And this doesn’t include child-care costs.

As I said in campaign speeches, there will be a time for profits. Now is not that time. Therefore, the ski resorts have 90 days to restructure their business models to provide more affordable access. If, after 90 days, they fail to make our recommended changes, we will implement a windfall revenue tax similar to that of the oil companies. The revenues from such taxes will benefit a trust fund to assist less fortunate families enjoy mountain recreation.

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And to make mountain recreation good for our communities, we have invited the opinions of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the Sierra Club. SEIU will provide guidance on how best to offer respectable living wages and benefits to all employees. They will also meet with resort employees to better "organize" the resort labor force. The Sierra Club will assist in monitoring land development efforts, creating additional real estate and rental tax revenue streams blah blah blah

Coming soon to a private industry near you Hope and Change!

Kendall Simmons

Park City

Club is working to control thistles


Park Meadows Country Club strives to be a good neighbor and responsible steward of the environment. The club is aware of the thistle problem and is working diligently to remove them from the course. In fact, thistles have been reduced by perhaps 90% and the superintendent is confident that he will contain the problem to a manageable level.

I seriously object to the paper’s public airing of a concerned citizen’s complaint without researching the situation. If I were to write a letter complaining about my neighbor’s unsightly yard, would the paper publish it? I think not.

Katie Slack

Park City

Ruling oppresses California gays


As a member of a religious community, I want to express my deep sadness concerning the injustice gay people experienced in the California courts this week. It is unjust and immoral to force this minority to continue to live as second-class citizens under the burden of inequality. On every page of the Gospels, Jesus challenged some form of exclusion, prejudice and/or abuse of power practiced by the majority. Martin Luther King once wrote, "Justice delayed is justice denied." I call upon the Christian community to stand with the gay community and all minorities to labor to put an end to inequality rooted in misinformation, irrational fears and misunderstanding.

The Rev. Charles Robinson

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

Will Treasure Hill precedent be set?


A development could be approved tonight, 5/27/09, that could set precedent for Treasure Hill. It is in Deer Valley and most Park City residents are unaware. A request for a Conditional Use permit for about 260,000 square feet of construction is scheduled for tonight. That is about the size of the Grand Summit Lodge and Walmart combined on the hillside adjacent to Treasure Hill.

Although in Deer Valley, the parcel is above Main Street. The name is North Silver Lake Lodge. This is not the Silver Lake most people think about. The parcel is in the middle of a residential neighborhood about halfway down the mountain from Silver Lake Village. When construction begins the cranes will be seen by looking straight up Park City’s Main Street.

The concerns of homeowners are similar to Treasure Hill, a huge project surrounded by a residential neighborhood. If approved, this development may set precedent and hurt those trying to reduce density at Treasure Hill.

Please attend the planning meeting Wednesday, May 27th, at 6:30 p.m. at the Library Building (Rm 205) and learn more.

Marina Wilson

Park City