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Letters to the Editor


I am continually surprised by the seeming lack of identity and direction we have as a community. We are, first and foremost a live-and-work community with more than the three resorts to sustain us. The majority of people who live and vote here do so because they were attracted to the lifestyle that naturally evolved from our extraordinary environment and surroundings.

It seems to me that we lack a proper inter-related, community-wide plan (and ethos really) that accurately represents the views of the existing community it regulates. Park City proper has gone a long way toward protecting what it has, which offers some comfort; however, the adjacent Summit County land always seems to be reacting to "what ifs?" and "why don’t we?"

The big-box zoning story is a good example. Considering a change in our zoning because we don’t want to give up potential tax revenue to Wasatch County only demonstrates our lack of a clear plan that anticipates our own long-term growth and development objectives as a community of related neighborhoods, while taking a wide variety of community-held needs and desires into account against environmental and aesthetic considerations. We have an opportunity to lead and not merely react. We ought to do what is best for our community and ignore the distractions of competing with our neighbors.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that we humans do such a poor job of looking past our noses and our own self-interests to see that we’re only making the same mistakes that others, who have gone before us, have made here and elsewhere.

We still have a realistic opportunity to intelligently plan the remaining undeveloped land in such a way that all interests are taken into consideration, while preserving the unique character of the gift we have been given — namely Park City and the neighboring communities of Summit County.

George Woods Baker

Sun Peak

Dog owners, listen up!


Park City is by far the most pedestrian-friendly place I’ve ever seen! We love it so much we bought property here. In fact, we bought burial plots last winter, so we’ll be here for a long time. We walk the Rail Trail from Main Street all the way to U.S. 40 east of Prospector.

Of the nine dogs I encountered today, none were leashed! Two of them touched me. Less than a week ago, a young medium-sized (50-60 lbs,) dog, with the owner running after him, jumped on me.

Let’s pretend for a moment I’m an 85-year-old woman and walking helps with the arthritis. It’s a beautiful sunny day and there’s a dog coming at me with the owner way behind. It looks like he’s running at me and the owner is whistling but he’s not slowing down. He’s jumping on me. Ow! Ow! My hip! I can’t get up. I’m a mile from the road and it could take 40 minutes before someone can put me on a stretcher and in a warm ambulance. It’s so cold!

Fiction? Maybe not, and it could be your dog. If your dog is not attached to you, it is not under your control. I won’t even pretend I’ve never broken any laws but, as I get older, I have more respect for the necessity of them. They are an agreement between informed citizens that there is a need for protection from someone’s irresponsibility. Let me repeat so we are both very clear. If your dog is not attached to you, he is not under your control!

Bob Berube

Park City

Conservation efforts a must


As our communities continue to develop, there is a greater need for all citizens to be aware of environmental issues. For a public land state, like Utah, it is important that government officials and private landowners work together to manage our natural resources. I believe the future of the Beehive State is dependant upon partnerships that focus their resources towards sustaining our most precious resource, water.

Conservation efforts benefit all individuals within the community. I am pleased to see private landowners making an effort to improve habitats for wildlife. Their efforts benefit all of us with increased recreation opportunities.

One example of wildlife conservation is found in the Snyderville Basin near Park City. According to the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, the once-thriving cold-water fisheries now struggle because of phosphorus and dissolved oxygen pollutants in East Canyon Creek. Local landowners are using federal resources to restore East Canyon Creek to a prominent fishery. Through their efforts these major pollutants are being reduced in the stream.

I applaud partnerships among federal, state, non-profit organizations and private landowners to improve water conservation efforts across the state. These endeavors continue to promote the beauty of our state and ensure that the quality of the environment is preserved.


Amy Nielson


Park City of old


My fondest memories of my years in Park City was that it typified the wild, wild West and was considered a bastion of liberal philosophy and style of life. Since my move away, I still enjoy reading The Park Record via the Internet and have noticed a slight change in what’s going on in that community nowadays that one can only describe as the neoconservs making their move. I thought that Rush Limbaugh and those other far-right maniacs had influenced everyone in that community by the angry tone of the letters to the editor — some indicators of racial problems, developers developing everything and cops throwing things through people’s car windows. My heart was sinking.

But alas! "Full Monty" and "Vagina Molologues" appearing as entertainment in Park City are reminders that the wonderfully liberal, live-and-let-live way of life is starting to thrive once again. I have always known that people are liberal by nature. Park City proves it.

Dennis Kostecki

Kamuela, Hawaii

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