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Letters to the Editor

A day to celebrate our freedoms


Happy Fourth of July 2009.

Today is the day we should all celebrate our freedom. And to do so we must remind ourselves of the freedoms we have. And remember the freedoms others don’t have.

We have the freedom to choose. Nobody can tell us who to love, how to live or what (if any) religion to obey.

The Park Record has the right to select what pictures to put on the front page. Readers have the right to complain about those pictures while others have the right to castigate the complainers. It is all part of our freedom, celebrated now for 233 uninterrupted years.

In 1971 I visited Spain. It was in the last throes of the dictatorial rule of Francisco Franco. The people were not free and it was quite evident to me, even at 15 years of age. I will be back for the first time next week, on business, and there is no doubt it will be a different place. Progress does come. And the events in Iran recently should remind us that freedom is not universal. But it is inevitable.

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Let’s enjoy the day. Let’s do what we want to do this weekend, because we can. And let’s never take our freedom for granted nor even think to deny anyone else their freedom to live or express themselves as they choose.

Jim Arnold

Park City

Feelin’ groovy at Woodstock Party


What a groovy time was had by all last Saturday at the KPCW Woodstock Party! Thanks to all those who attended and contributed to support our community radio station. A special thanks to our corporate partners who helped make it possible: The Clockwork Cafe, Psychedelic Art Exchange, Kumbaya Kitchens, Wasatch Brewery, Castle Creek Winery, Flat Rabbet Gallery, Ted Keane, The Market and The Egyptian Theatre. Funds raised will be used to pay for KPCW’s programming, including local news and interviews, public-service announcements serving the nonprofit community and NPR. How fortunate we are to live in such a generous, supportive and fun community!

David Chambers

Park City

Respond to suffering with compassion


An Indian proverb tells us if you are struck by a poisonous arrow, you must first pull it out. There is no time to ask who shot it, what sort of poison it is, and so on. Similarly, when we encounter human suffering, it is important to immediately respond with compassion rather than waste time questioning the politics of those we help.

Dennis Kostecki

Mammoth Lakes, Calif.