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Letters to the Editor

Is the grass really greener in BC?


(An open letter to Frank Normile)

Frank, Park Record writer Jay Hamburger is spot on identifying you as an "irreverent" man in his July 1-2, 2009, City Beat article. So you decided to expatriate yourself and family when George Bush was reelected. Seems like now would be the perfect time and administration for you to embrace the nation that’s "been good to me."

Make no mistake about it; America has been GREAT to you, Frank. You are capable of slapping down $500K to buy a cottage on a back street of a foreign island resort. Frank, you need not move to Canada to seek government entitlements. You’re a 62-year-old man with a 19-month infant. Soon you will qualify for the most comprehensive health-care plan in the world — Medicare — and your wife and son may apply for WIC (Women, Infant and Child). I understand that some older folk, such as you, find the Park City winters difficult. That alone might be a really good reason to relocate. Have you considered a tepid clime in the U.S. of A?

Frank, do you really think that your son will grow up to be a "better" person by living in Salt Spring Island, Canada? I can’t imagine a better place to live and raise children than Park City, Utah. Over this Independence Day weekend, consider what would have happened if our American forefathers opted to cut and run. Frank, you know that Social Security check you’re about to receive would you consider spending it back here in ‘Merica? As for your claim of serving your country, "I’ve been good to it," thanks for rolling those films, Frank.

Gerald Polukoff

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Park City

Don’t forget who started this thing


A heartfelt thanks to the organizers and sponsors of the annual Mountain Fun Run which benefits the Park City Ski Team. I have been participating in this run since year one and I am not sure if we all remember how it started, and truly what a gift the run is to the July 4th celebration, Ski Team kids, and all the runners.

Jana and Gary Cole (Cole Sport) and Phil Thompson (Industrial Supply) donate staff, time and money to create this tradition for us. I no longer can bring my dog off a leash and run with 40-50 other Parkites before a pancake breakfast. I’m decades older and much slower but the constants remain — dedication to our local ski team and to a tradition that helps make our Fourth such an awesome community-spirited event.

So next time you see a Fun Run T-shirt, whatever the year that is printed on it, remember what a gift this tradition is. Thanks to the Coles and Phil for once again bringing us the Mountain Fun Run

Kym Meehan

Park City

and probably hundreds of other participants

What is wrong with the Post Office?


I am writing to you out of pure frustration with the Post Office in Park City in the hopes that you may be able to help in some way.

In December, my family purchased a home in the lower Deer Valley area of Park City. We found out that the home did not receive delivery from the USPS and were informed we would need to go to the Post Office to receive a post-office box free of charge.

I went to the Post Office on (S.R.) 224 in December and was told to fill out an application. Based on my home address, I would be contacted about my options. No one ever contacted me by phone or email.

I have been in the Post Office on 224 three times this week and have been told varying things. The carrier for this area said the postmaster (Rhonda) was considering putting up a central box (with several mail boxes in a location that they could deliver mail). He had me fill out my name, address and contact info and said Rhonda would be in touch. Not hearing for two days, I went back to request (demand?) my free box at the Post Office. The employee there said that free boxes had to be approved by the postmaster (Rhonda) and she had been in Salt Lake City for the last two weeks. I asked when she was expected to return (and hence, when I could receive my box). She informed me she had no idea and no way of knowing. I asked to speak to someone else "in charge" and the person that came out gave me an application and told me to come back with a local utility bill.

I returned today (July 2) with a completed application and two utility bills. A different person told me that I could rent a box but that only the postmaster could approve a free box. Her return to Park City was a complete mystery and I would just have to keep checking.

This is ridiculous! I pay a hefty federal tax bill and believe I am entitled to simple mail delivery. I am generally skeptical about anything the federal government is going to take care of, but have not generally had any problems with the USPS.

I’ve lived in many states and this is the first time I’ve been met with such utter indifference and incompetence. Receiving packages from FedEx, UPS or others isn’t a problem. Maybe they should take over mail delivery here? Please help!

And yes, this is the same federal government that wants to provide health care for us. Can’t wait to see that debacle.

Joe Toussaint

Park City

A health-care system to be emulated?


Health care is on the Beltway’s agenda and we are told to look to Canada’s single-payer (government) system as an example to be emulated. I spent my summers in Cobden, Ontario, Canada, since the late 1940s and I still have a farm there. I learned to drive the team and milk a cow among other things.

I won’t tell you what others say about Canadian health care, I will relate my experience. Several years ago I was working in the bush cutting firewood when I injured myself by my chainsaw. Since it was a Saturday the only doctor in Cobden (three miles away) was off duty so my wife drove me the 21 miles to Pembroke which has two hospitals. We were shown to an examination room and after about three hours my wife went to look for signs of life. A nurse informed us that they had one doctor to cover two hospitals over the weekend and he was busy with a drug overdose, a serious automobile accident and a pregnancy. Since I was not about to die I could wait.

We drove back to Cobden and by then the local, Doctor Pye, had returned from his antique-auto show and stitched me up. There’s more, but space prohibits. Be careful what you wish for.

Thomas Hurd

Park City

These volunteers kept concept a-float


A float is not just a structure; it is a community of people and The People’s Health Clinic’s float in the 4th of July parade proved just that! Our float-building team, under the direction of Deborah Sangalli, was tireless and had a lot of fun in the process.

Two months ago, Deb and her outstanding group of volunteers began work on the float concept. They then recruited more help, raised the money for supplies and began construction. Although some volunteers had tickets for the July 3rd Blood, Sweat and Tears concert, they gave them up to stay until midnight to complete the float and practice their award-winning "crutch drill-team" routine. The volunteers not only gave their time but also provided the creativity and leadership necessary to make it happen and make it brilliant!

The staff, patients and board of directors of The People’s Health Clinic are so grateful to our parade float volunteers and are humbled by their commitment.

Judy Sobin,

executive director

Nann Worel,

development director

The People’s Health Clinic

Report is beneath paper’s stature


I am directing my comments to the county sheriff’s report that appears to be included in every publication. I believe the report has some longstanding precedence but question its content and value to the community. Illustrative of the above is the report in your June 17-19, 2009, issue. It does not seem to this writer any significance or interest that a mother kicked her 13-year-old daughter in a campground, a cow and a calf are loose on the Old Ranch Road, that a bicyclist and a motorist had an argument, that there was a traffic accident on June 13th (no one being injured) and the same content relating to another accident between two Ford trucks resulting in no injuries. Lastly but prominently for this discussion, a man’s Chevrolet Cobalt was stuck in the mud.

I sincerely feel that such reporting is beneath The Park Record stature and that such an article, unless it is of a more unusual and impressive content, be discontinued. I write this not so much for the reader who can skip over it but for the benefit of The Park Record.

George Weinstein

Park City