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Letters to the Editor

Support your local businesses


This economic recession has taken a toll on many of our fair city. I am writing this letter hoping people will come out and patronize our local retail, lodging and restaurant businesses. If you were thinking of adding on to your home or building a new one, there are many contractors looking for work and will give you great prices during this slow building period. There are incredible best buys in real estate.

It is up to us to turn this recession around; hunkering down at home will not get this economy back on its feet. To those of you who can afford to support our local businesses to the utmost of your financial ability, please do so. We need all of our citizens to keep this fair city thriving; do what you can. It really is a trickle-down effect.

Linda Sailer

Park City

Unrestrained kids, free-spirited dogs

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In the interest of fairness, equal time, unrestrained kids and free-spirited dogs everywhere, please hear me out.

Last fall, while hiking Toll Canyon, a bull moose charged me, knocking me to the ground. As he rose to trample me, out of nowhere came a huge brown missile that sunk his canines into the moose’s leg, causing the poor creature to turn and run. The attacking dog came to my side and grotesquely licked my face. I took a quick peek at the tag on his collar in hope of giving the owner a lecture on protecting wildlife, but all I saw was the name "Buck" and the owner a "J. London" before the brute disappeared into the brush.

This winter, while walking to my car late at night in a Park City alley, a dark figure came out of a doorway and raised a can of pepper spray to my face and demanded my wallet. Suddenly, with unleashed furry, out of the shadows came a charging, growling blur of brown and white that grabbed the assailant’s wrist, causing him to drop the weapon. The misunderstood human cried out in pain, turned and fled. The animal came to my side and nuzzled my leg. Before recoiling in disgust I read his tag in hope of helping the injured man make formal charges against the owner, but saw only the strange name "Lassie," owner "Timmy."

Then, just a few weeks ago while biking down Canyon Road, a young child came darting out behind a parked car causing me to swerve and hurl over the bars, severely cutting my jugular. Out of nowhere appeared a fierce wolf-like animal that began licking the wound, causing it to coagulate. The demon then turned on the child and emitted a piercing howl which caused the child to soil himself. The cowardly dog disappeared as quickly as it appeared but not before I read his tag "Rin Tin Tin" or something weird like that. The paramedic implied that the dog probably saved my life but totally ignored the psychic scar the child will likely endure forever.

Please, people of Park City, leash your dogs to prevent these unfortunate events from occurring, otherwise I will be forced to relocate to a more civilized location like Sandy or Santa Monica.

Doug Vilnius

Summit Park

PC Marathon seeks zero-waste status


With the help and guidance of Recycle Utah’s excellent staff, the Park City Marathon & Half Marathon is coming closer to attaining a "zero-waste" event status. Creating less waste at a big event at first seems daunting, but as director Insa Riepen says, "There’s always more than one solution for everything." To see how we’re achieving our goals, which includes everything from using local artists for awards, an online ride-sharing program, and sending our food waste to the pig farmer, see http://www.pcmarathon.com . Come be a part of this inspiring and fun local event. Register online to be a volunteer!

Jolie McTavish

Race director

The kindness of a stranger


We would like to thank the kind-hearted person who stopped for our daughter last Wednesday when her car hit a deer. This woman was traveling in the opposite direction on Route 224 but turned her car around to see if our daughter needed any assistance. She stayed with our daughter through the entire process, comforting her.

As you can imagine, having a deer cross two lanes of traffic and the center turning lane to then run into your car isn’t something you would necessarily be prepared for At 8 a.m. there was quite a bit of traffic heading in both directions, so she did not have any time to react. Unfortunately, in the confusion, we never found out her name. We hope she realizes how much we appreciate her efforts. Thank so you much for taking the time to stay with our daughter during a very upsetting incident.

Donna Gold

On behalf of the Gold family

Park City

Senior visitors enjoy annual picnic


The Park City Chamber/Bureau held its annual summer senior picnic at City Park on July 9. Nearly 100 summer senior guests attended and were welcomed by Mayor Dana Williams. We thank all who contributed to the success of the event: Whole Foods Market, Park City Municipal, Wasatch Audio, Right at Home Entertains, musicians Eric and Alison Samuels of the Utah Music Festival, emcee Rich Fine, and the many businesses who donated prizes. This annual picnic is the highlight of our Summer Senior Program, which hosts the many senior visitors who come to enjoy our summer season, often staying for a month or more and returning year after year.

Deb Lewis and Pat Ball

Summer Senior Program coordinators

Park City Chamber/Bureau