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Letters to the Editor

Taxation without representation?


Do you ever feel like you are not being represented in the state? When you make a phone call to your representative you don’t get a response? Well, it’s time to change this. We need to support Fair Boundaries and sign the petition when it starts circulating. Let’s be represented in Park City. Look for the petition, call your party leaders, and take a stand.

Shirin Spangenberg

Park City

Health-care system is a train wreck


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As the debate moves forward, we should understand what the proposed American Health Care Reform Bill looks like. It’s not a single-payer system like the Canadian system; it reflects the Australian/New Zealand model. You choose between private or public insurance — it’s entirely your option. I had first-hand experience with both and I can say it worked very well. For those that argue the health-insurance companies will go out of business, just don’t believe that misinformation. Again, the private/public health-care insurance system didn’t crater the industry in other countries. In fact, in New Zealand, they limit medical malpractice awards, which greatly reduced costs to the health-care providers and insurance companies!

The current system is broken and discriminates against tens of millions of Americans. When you take the time and speak to other people in your community, you may be shocked to hear that many hardworking Americans can’t get the treatment they need for serious health problems. They often go to the hospital emergency rooms, which is an absurdly expensive visit, or they simply go untreated!

I don’t pretend that I have the answers, but the current system is a train wreck and needs to be fixed. Inform yourself about the proposals and don’t listen to the 10-second "sound bites" or 30-second political commercials. This is an important issue that is finally being debated in public and not silenced by special-interest groups.

Dan Meehan

Park City

Read contracts before you sign them


I read with interest the letters to the editor from Ms. Diane Thompson and Mr. Rory Murphy in your July 15 issue. Both Thompson and Murphy complain about an earlier opinion letter by Mr. Bill Malone regarding lodging regulation in Utah.

Thompson and Murphy tell us that they own local rental properties and have lost money to property managers who failed to escrow rental money received on their properties. They also tell us that Utah is one of only a few states that lack legislation requiring property managers to place rental monies in escrow.

However, neither Thompson nor Murphy tell us when they learned that Utah law does not require rental escrows. Did they know it before they signed their contracts with the property managers? Or did they only learn about it after losing their money? More to the point, did they read those contracts before signing them? Did they spend a couple hundred dollars for an attorney’s advice before they placed their signatures on the dotted line?

Someone once said that most demands for legislation stem from money lost due to one’s own lack of care. Next time, Ms. Thompson and Mr. Murphy — and others like them — should be more careful. Read your contracts and get some legal advice before you sign them. That way, you’ll keep more of your money, have fewer regrets, and require much less interaction with your legislator.

George L. Martin

Park City

Dog-park funding is nothing to sniff at


On behalf of the citizens’ advisory committee for the new dog park, City Bark, thanks for publishing the July 18th dog park article and editorial.

I’d like to add that the committee very much appreciates the support of the Recreation Advisory Committee and the City Council in approving $50,000 to spend on improvements at the park this summer. We also appreciate the support of the community in helping us raise $8,500 over the last year. The $8,500 will be used to build a shade structure at the park.

Margie Schloesser

Dog park committee member

His passion for soccer shines through


For over 30 years now, Randy Farris has been coming to Park City each summer to coach two weeks of the Park City Soccer Camp. Randy has a passion for soccer that really shines through in the way he coaches this camp, and the proof of his success is in the outstanding number of players that come back to the camp year after year. Randy’s passion for soccer extends well beyond our community. Each year when he leaves Park City Randy flies to the Dominican Republic, where he spends time working with, and coaching, children less fortunate.

We would like to thank Randy for all his hard work, and the generous Park City families that donated clothing, sports equipment, and money to Kids Alive International. These donations truly make a difference in the lives of the children that Randy gets to work with. Kudos also to The Park Record, who printed a terrific article on Randy and his work with Kids Alive International prior to this year’s camp. We look forward to hosting Randy and his high-level soccer camp for many years to come!

Jessica Moran

Park City Recreation

Home tour supports Peace House mission


On behalf of Peace House, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Park City Board of Realtors Philanthropic Foundation for organizing the upcoming Luxury Home Tour & Auction. There are a number of amazing Realtors who volunteer thousands of hours to make the Luxury Home Tour a great success, just because they care. Without the financial support of this foundation, we would not have the ability to serve all that need us.

The Luxury Home Tour gives Parkites a unique opportunity to enjoy six stunning Empire Pass Homes; live entertainment and lunch is available at a quaint Red Cloud cabin. The live and silent auction includes hundreds of items valued from $20 to thousands. The auction will be held Tuesday evening, July 28, from 5:30 to 9:30 at the Yarrow Hotel, while the Luxury Home Tour will be held on Saturday, August 9, from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

All proceeds from the Luxury Home Tour and Auction go directly to help women and children in the Peace House shelter, as well as prevention programs in our schools and community. This remarkable event allows Peace House to fulfill its mission of breaking the cycle of domestic violence in families.

For more details and tickets, call 658-4739 or visit the website, luxuryhometour.org.

Please join us for these events. You will have a wonderful time while helping the many families of Peace House.

Jane Patten

Executive director, Peace House, Inc.