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Letters to the Editor


Shurtleff is out of bounds


On May 1, 2009, Senate Bill 182 became state law in Utah. Power corrupts, all right, and this bad law clearly shows this. It was sponsored by Curtis Bramble and Rebecca Lockhart of Provo. Mark Shurtleff persuaded Bramble to do it and Bramble sponsored it on the Senate side, drawing in Lockhart to bring forth the House version.

When asked about this bill/law, both Bramble and Lockhart said that this session had 700 bills and that they didn’t even read them. In a very irresponsible fashion then, they just passed them.

The fact is that the attorney general’s function includes upholding and faithfully supporting the Constitution, not bypassing and destroying it. Didn’t stop Mark Shurtleff. He clearly overstepped boundaries, the separation of powers clause regarding the executive and legislative lawmaking body, as he told Bramble what to do, how to do it and how to word it (SB 182).

Folks, that is not the proper role of government. For an attorney general to puppeteer a state senator into tailor-making a law that suits the whims or lust for power and control of government lawyers, elitists who don’t like or obey the Constitutional law constraints and tamper with them, is a crime against the law of the land! This law is ex post facto, that is, retroactive, reaching forward and backward from May 12, 2009.

Don Dunbar

Evanston, Wyo.

There’s nothing silly about this venue


As someone who set up a booth for the first time last week at Park Silly Sunday Market, I want to thank the organizers of this Park City institution for doing such a great job. Modern society does not have enough venues where community members can socialize, meet, and interact with each other in such a positive atmosphere. Park City is fortunate to have Park Silly Sunday Market.

Bob Brister

Utah Environmental Congress

Salt Lake City

Let our kids form their own opinions


Here we go again. From what I read on the front page of the Salt Lake Tribune, one might think the address by President Obama on education was actually going to be a direct invitation from Fidel Castro to join the communist party. The reaction of some parents and school boards in the area, to suggest they need to protect their children from the message the President might deliver, is in many ways the same as those same entities banning or burning books books which they surely have never actually read.

Do we really do our children harm by letting them hear opinions that differ from our own? Is there danger in having our kids be aware of what others, including the President, think about education? What do they fear? How secure can one be in one’s own viewpoint of the world when the way one defends it is to build a wall to simply keep out the rest of the world? How long does that strategy work? Not long.

We should totally reject the notion of total control by anyone of the messages our kids can hear. Let them grow up with different views of life and the world. Let them see enough to make their own decisions. Having spent 12 years in the South, from 1978 to 1987, I witnessed enough isolationism and narrowness of thought, brought on by being raised in a narrow and bigoted environment, to know how destructive it can be.

In the end we should endeavor to educate our kids most thoroughly. Let them see the world. Let them see good and bad. Let them form their own opinions through exposure not through ignorance. Let us not take the desire to protect our kids to such an extreme that we feel we must filter every possible communication, thought or idea to the point where we render them incapable of forming their own.

Jim Arnold

Park City

Massive project doesn’t meet code


Are you aware that on July 8, 2009, the Planning Commissioners approved a 360,000-square-foot development containing 54 residential units on a knoll over looking Main Street? The project known as North Silver Lake Lodge was approved after 12 months of community opposition and detailed findings presented by Commissioner Strachan that the project did not conform to the Park City Land Management Code. The massive project on 5.9 acres clearly does not conform to the code requirement that the project be compatible with the surrounding community and as a result of its mass will require the removal of over 420 of the 544 mature trees on the site.

The project was originally contemplated in the Deer Valley Master Plan which was drafted almost 30 years ago, but this document never contemplated a project of this mass and clearly required compliance with the Land Management Code. An appeal to the City Council will be heard on September 17 to overturn the Planning Commissioners’ decision and provide specific direction that the project must comply with both the Code and the Master Plan.

I am in favor of the appropriate development of the private property in our community but it is time that the overbuilding is stopped and our Land Management Code is enforced. Please join me in expressing your view to City Council in writing or in person at the meeting on September 17.

Tom Boone

Park City

What is Obama trying to hide?


Interesting guest editorial by Carolyn Frankenburg on health-care hysteria (The Park Record, Aug. 29). Unfortunately, she’s using a worn-out tactic of labeling people and ideas with absurd terms to make them unappealing to the average person. Gun-toting and hysterical are very scary words when strung together in a sentence as they were. Name calling is taking the place of an open debate of the facts.

How about talking some facts! In a recent speech Obama said, "But I don’t want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. I don’t mind cleaning up after them, but don’t do a lot of talking."

What mess is he referring to? The biggest mess we have is the national debt; each American owes over $190,000 as their share of the federal debt! How is his extravagant spending helping with that? He’s racked up more debt faster than any other president in the history of the United States. The last thing we need is another trillion-dollar federal program. Where is the money coming from?

Ms Frankenburg was concerned a citizen chose to exercise his First Amendment and Second Amendment rights. Our rights are under attack and her reaction is just another example.

Obama’s advisors are drafting legislation that will allow him to control the media by shutting down the talk shows. They are also drafting legislation that will give him, Obama, the ability to shut down the Internet. Why? What about our First Amendment rights? Why doesn’t he want Americans to publicly debate the issues? What is he hiding?

In a 2008 campaign speech, Obama said, "We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded." Why? Doesn’t that imply there is an enemy among us that needs to be dealt with? Who is that enemy? He certainly isn’t worried about a foreign enemy, because he, and several presidents before him, has been unwilling to ‘control’ our borders. The only ones here are those that were willingly allowed into the country and citizens. So who exactly is the enemy? Is it the gentleman insisting on his First and Second Amendment rights by wearing a sidearm to a town-hall meeting?

Our government seems to have an insatiable appetite for power. Health care is just one of the grabs for power. Other issues of concern to informed citizens are: bankruptcy of our country, erosion of our First and Second Amendment rights, nationalization of important domestic businesses, and creation of a civilian army. Combined, this remarkably resembles the rise of the Nazi party in Germany prior to WWII. Hence the concern voiced at the town-hall meetings. "Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

We have a representative government, and the town-hall meetings are an important forum for our representatives to stay in touch with their constituents. Everyone has a right to be heard, whether or not Ms Frankenburg agrees with their point of view. Time and time again the questions like those posed above have been asked, but they’re not being answered. Why won’t someone in the Obama administration, or even our own elected representatives, answer our questions?

Larry Seppi

Park City

Why the concern about snow levels?


In the Sept. 2-4 issue of The Park Record, the front-page image shows members of the Park City and U.S. ski teams marking the expected rising elevation of the snow lines at Park City Mountain Resort in 2050, and 2075.

The image caption says the participants want to "show what could happen to the city’s snow if climate change continues."

Notwithstanding a 30% increase in manmade CO2 in the atmosphere over the last eleven years, global temperatures have declined, each year, over the same period. The total 11 year decline is over one degree Centigrade.

So, if "climate change continues"… and the earth continues to cool, per your caption, why would the participants shown in the image be concerned about disappearing snow and rising snow level lines?

Steve Taylor

Park City

Support wellness provisions


As the Utah State leader for Health Promotion Advocates, I am writing to encourage you to support the wellness provisions in the health-care-reform legislation in Congress. Health Promotion Advocates is a team of individuals who are helping to create a grassroots effort in the community to communicate to our senators and representatives the need for health-care reform to include health promotion and wellness initiatives in the workplace. Supporting these types of initiatives is important to all of us because 1) Wellness is one of the few proven methods to improve health and reduce costs 2) Wellness has been neglected in national health policy and 3) Workplace wellness programs are the most cost effective way to improve health.

Our goal is to let your senators and representatives know you care about this legislation by sending them faxes. We’ve created a website that will automatically send our leaders a fax from you requesting their support of wellness legislation in the current health-care bill.

Please use the link below and send a fax. It only takes a minute. This is as simple as entering your name and address. The link is http://www.passwellnessact.org/ . Complete information on Health Promotion Advocates is available at http://www.healthpromotionadvocates.org . It is important to act now to ensure that wellness provisions are a core element of health-care reform.

Christy Wilson

Park City

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