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Letters to the Editor

Delivering the best care possible


On behalf of our entire family, we would like the thank John Dingman, DDS, for his amazing sense of calm and professionalism during the scariest dental emergency of our lives. Not only did John assemble the "dream team" of the oral surgeon (Wade Peers, DDS), endodontist (Brent Sonnenberg, DDS, MS) and soon-to-be orthodontist (Jeff Sumsion, DMD, MS), but he was also the fearless quarterback. John quickly assessed the situation, called the plays and coordinated reports among the various dental experts during the first critical days and weeks after the accident. He told us what to expect each step of the way and honestly laid out the long road ahead. Most importantly, he put a nearly hysterical mother at ease, knowing that her child was in the best care possible. John, we are forever grateful.

Ron & Liz Yokubison

Park City

How do Tea Baggers get money now?


I was astonished at the Supreme Court decision regarding "material support" to those who seek to overthrow our government. How will the Tea Baggers get their campaign money now?

Nick Wright

Park City

Fair donations are soaring


Thank you for your help in making our 17th Annual Park City Children’s Fair a success. It was a fun-filled day in the park and we raised enough money to make sure that our friends Grandmother Marie of southern Utah, Assitan of Mali, Soureya of Niger, Danusah of Sri Lanka, Yang Guo of China, Josue of Honduras and Reinaldo of Paraguay have enough clean water, food and medicine for another year. We are making donations to each of the following organizations that we have chosen for helping to make the Earth a better place for children.

  • Park City Library
  • Summit County Library
  • Summit County Friends of Animals
  • Recycle Utah

    We sure feel good about helping to make a difference in our world. We hope you do, too!

    Jack McHenry

    Aidan Belz

    Ava Kimche

    Carson Newman

    And the rest of the children, teachers and parents of the Soaring Wings Parent/Teacher/Student Organization

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