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Letters to the Editor

Farewell to Arts Fest 'locals night'


My wife and I have lived in Park City for six years now and we enjoy going to the Park City Arts Festival every year. One thing that has been special was heading down to the unpublished "locals night" on Friday evening. It was calm compared to the crowds on Saturday and Sunday and you got to see so many friends and neighbors. It was nice that events like the Arts Festival and Sundance provided a little something to the local community to compensate for the fact that our town becomes a tangled mess of traffic with 40,000 visitors.

This year, the Arts Festival apparently decided that extra attendance outweighed any appreciation to the local community. Their web site, newspaper ads and posters all advertise the festival as starting Friday evening at 6:00 p.m. I am sure that some committee somewhere decided that drawing the Salt Lake crowd up on Friday night was a definite improvement. I think that many Park City locals would disagree. Well, at least Sundance still shows us some love.

Steve Joyce

Park City

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Utilities installed by an inebriate?


This is an open letter to local public utilities:

As architects and planners we have recently completed commissions on several Park City projects of relatively high profile and visual impact. Our intent is always to achieve the highest possible value for our clients. Your complement to our designs has sometimes been to deliver installations that serve only your particular need, convenience, serviceability and schedule; with little regard for overall project context. You have failed to coordinate with owners, the design team, and/or project management, and have unilaterally located equipment without concern for other activity, traffic, and site circulation. In many cases your stuff is located with disregard for appearance and when placed, looks as though installed by an inebriate.

reason of the continued demand for your services, you will undoubtedly profit for many more years, but bear little consequence for long-term visual compromise in the environment.

As agents of public service, your conduct suggests contempt for customers and negligence for which the community suffers perpetual damages.

Roger Durst

Park City

Concerts provide great memories


I would like to thank Mountain Town Music for the spectacular job they have done this summer with the concert series.

Deer Valley hosted Bryon Friedman last Wednesday. Yup — it rained. The band invited the crowd to come on stage with them to take cover from the rain. There were fans of all ages dancing on stage next to the band as they performed. Everyone had a ball! Thank you to Bryon Friedman and his group for a great time and outstanding music.

These concerts truly provide great summer memories and give all of us another reason to live in this fantastic city.

Chris Henderson

Park City

Summer school was a group triumph


I am writing to share a thanks and congratulations to all of the many people involved in this year’s summer school program held at McPolin Elementary School. Over 200 students enjoyed a combination of academic and social activities that were undoubtedly the highlight of the summer.

Most important was the collaboration between the different groups. The PCSD had responsibility for the academics, transportation, and facility use. Holy Cross Ministries had responsibility for the social and recreational activities, including transportation. The Park City Racquet Club had responsibility for recreational activities, including the use of its facilities. And finally, the PCSD Nutrition Department was responsible for planning as well as serving breakfast and lunch to all of the students. In fact, for a second consecutive summer, the PCSD Nutrition Dept. facilitated a subsidized "free" meal program to anyone 18 and younger, and to anyone else at a reduced rate at McPolin Elementary. (Program ended July 29th for the summer.)

Staff from all four groups worked side-by-side as one group, using their different resources and expertise to offer an exceptional safe, exciting, learning experience. This program culminated in a nighttime activity on July 29th with well over 300 parents and children in attendance.

Bottom line, these families enjoyed a high-quality, affordable program that will be long remembered. And best of all, by working together, these various groups made a positive difference in the lives of all the families and children. And yet, as is always the case, the children taught us as much about ourselves, as we were able to give to them. Learning never ends. Relationships are the key. And most of what I need to know, I learned in kindergarten. As Robert Fulghum shared: "And it is still true, no matter how old you are, when you go out into the world, it is best to hold hands and stick together."

Thanks to all of the staff that offered their time and love to make this collaborative summer program a wonderful and memorable success.

Bob Edmiston

Park City