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Letters to the Editor

Movie in the park was a great event


On Saturday night, June 11, my grandson (Andrew Hoggan, age 8) and I enjoyed the free outdoor screening of the movie "The Boathouse Detectives" at Willow Creek Park. We sat on a blanket under the stars in front of the giant, inflatable screen. Three of the children who starred in the film were there to answer questions, which was a lot of fun. This was the kickoff for the "Movie in the Park" series sponsored by the Snyderville Basin Recreation District; the next movie will be "Ironman II" on July 16 at Trailside Park.

Thank you, Snyderville Basin Rec, for a great event!

Mary McEntire

Park City

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Seeing people for who they really are


Leadership Park City Class 17 is honored to present our class project on civility. A key aspect of civility is paying attention, and it is more than just being aware of our surroundings. When we pay attention, we are able to see a person or a place for what it really is. We are able to pick out details that we may have not noticed before. When paying complete attention and using all our resources we are able to see someone as a whole person and accept them for who they are and the talents that they possess.

I would like to share a story with you about somebody who is always "paying attention." Hope works at a gas station off of I-80 in Summit County. Over the past two years, whenever there is somebody who needs help, she calls the owner of the auto-parts store across the street, even if it is closed. She doesn’t know these people, where they are coming from, or where they are going, but by paying attention to them, she has known that they have needed help. There is one story that I was privileged enough to hear firsthand. The mother of this family told me that they had sold everything but their truck and their personal items, and were taking their 2-year-old child and traveling to Wyoming for a possible job offer. They had nothing to go back home to. Hope called the owner of the auto-parts store and he was able to come down and fix the truck. Because of Hope, this family was back on the road in about three hours and was able to make it to the job interview on time.

Paying attention gives us the opportunity to step in and take action, to become part of our community, relate to others, and possibly change somebody’s life for the best. It is my greatest hope that we can all start to pay attention and be more civil to one another in our community. It is up to all of us to keep Park City civil!

For more information please visit http://www.Parkcivility.com and look for our float in the 4th of July parade!

Maren Geary


Their generosity helps many groups


On behalf of the Youth Winter Sports Alliance and the youth that we serve I want to express my sincere gratitude for the Select Health, Select 25 Grant Award for our "Dare to Dream" Scholarship Program. We are thrilled with this award and feel honored to have been selected for support by this remarkably generous organization. Thanks to Select Health, 25 non-profit organizations each year have benefited from their generosity, reaching many incredible causes and enriching countless lives.

The Alliance will utilize grant funds to provide financial support to children to participate in winter sport programs. Thank you from all of our Alliance Scholarship recipients, you have made a difference in their lives and we appreciate you support.

The Alliance also supports thirteen winter sports training programs, as well as after-school programs at our community’s extraordinary winter sports venues, touching the lives of over 1,500 youth and their families each winter. Our youth learn about healthy lifestyles, sportsmanship and gain confidence — all building blocks for life.

Thank you for believing in the dreams of our youth!

Aimee Preston

Executive director, Youth Winter Sports Alliance

They danced until the cows came home


The Friends of the Farm wish to thank everyone who attended the annual "YBDIO" (Your Barn Door is Open) pig roast at the McPolin Farm last Saturday. One hundred and fifty people gathered to eat delicious food provided by Kumbayah Kitchens and danced to the music of "Blue Sage Band" overseen by Georgina, the resident cow.

Special thanks to Jess Reid for the use of his parking lot, the Ski Taxi for transporting guests to the farm, and PCMC for allowing all buildings to be open for viewing.

Please join us again next year.

Insa Riepen

On behalf of the Friends of the Farm Advisory Board

Where are the checks and balances?


Wake up, America! Trickledown economics became the catch phrase for the Reagan presidency. Trickledown poverty has become the phrase for the Bush and Obama administrations.

The Oscar-nominated documentary, "Inside Job," presents a comprehensive, yet cogent detail of the pervasive and deep-rooted corruption that has permeated our financial system and effectively invaded our government and universities. The film paints a portrait of an unfettered financial system run amok without accountability to anyone.

Governmental deregulation is probably the main culprit in the saga of our present economic woes. Our founding fathers authored a Constitution predicated on checks and balances of power. When deregulation of our financial system took place, there was no one to protect the common people from scheming businessmen bent on filling their pockets with the money of good, trusting and law-abiding citizens.

Wake up, America! Right before your eyes the "The Fall of the American Empire" is happening. The middle class in any society is paramount to prosperity and stability of moral values. America’s middle class is on the brink of extinction. The gap between the rich and poor has been widening each year for the past two decades. History tells us that when this happens, freedoms that were fought for and enjoyed for years are in grave peril.

As long as we have the freedom of the press and journalists who are willing to seek and tell the truth, there is hope for America.

As long as we are willing to pay the price for public education, democracy will prevail in America.

As long as we allow the wealthiest in America to dictate to Congress laws that benefit the wealthiest one percent of the nation, America as we once knew it will perish.

As long as we continue to exercise our right and privilege to vote, the ballot box becomes our most effective tool for equality and justice for all.

Wake up, America!

John White