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Letters to the Editor


On behalf of Timothy, Griffin and the Evans and Briley families, we’d like to thank the citizens of Park City and Summit County for all their love and support during our recent loss of Emily Evans Briley.

Over the past few days, we’ve had the wonderful opportunity of meeting with people we already knew but also, meeting many people who knew Tim and Emily and now have become acquaintances of ours.

During our conversations, the subject always came as to why everyone moved to Park City. Inevitably, the subjects like skiing, hiking, biking, fishing and quality of life were mentioned. And always, the reason that people remain here is the love and support of the community.

Thanks for everything you’ve done for us.

We would also like to thank the Park City Fire Department, the Park City Police Department and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office for their help and concern.

The Evans and Briley families

Midway, Kamas and Park City

Political comparisons


I am not sure, but isn’t the mayor’s saying the parking garage is done, when the top floor is closed, the elevator is not done and the parking lot next to it is still full of construction garbage, like George Bush declaring "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq?


Bob Ramierez

Park City

Richer gets the job done


You have got to be kidding! I have worked in Summit County since 1992 and some of the things I’ve read from the large business interests suing the county are plain unbelievable.

Nobody works harder, cares more, is more responsible and does a better job serving the public than Commissioner Bob Richer. He is everything anyone could want in a public official.


Chuck Zuercher

Park City

Generous Parkites


Thank you, Park City! Once again, the terrific residents and businesses of P.C. have supported a friend in need. This past Sunday, we hosted a fundraiser for Pamela Alford at Shabu. The overwhelming generosity, support, friendship and donations that surrounded the event were truly amazing. I cannot thank all of you who contributed in some way, whether helping to collect donations, donating an item, product or service, helping at the event or buying something great at the auction. All of your combined efforts made the event a huge success. Pamela and all of us who love her are so grateful to live in a town that gives back and helps other locals. Thank you one and all!


Lauren Keiser

and all the fundraiser organizers

Park City

Pay Day lift malfunction


I would like to correct a statement in the article on the Pay Day lift malfunction written in your paper on March 8-10, 2006 and supposedly made by myself.

The statement in paragraph 14 that states, "that the problems are in the lifts’ engineering," is not correct. The suspected problem is the gear (box) unit itself, not the entire lift. We purchased this gearing unit from a reputable manufacturer in Switzerland. We did not engineer the gearing unit. We rely on this manufacturer to provide us a component that meets our requirement criteria.

Thus, at the moment, we are investigating the gear unit for design requirements, other load-carrying requirements and its failure mode, as well as material specification acceptance.

As another example of this outsourcing, we purchase electric motors from General Electric. If we need 700 horsepower, we rely on G.E. to supply us a motor that will produce 700HP. There are literally hundreds of components in a lift that are exactly like this. We rely on these manufacturers to provide us equipment necessary for our requirements. Another example is General Motors or Ford, who do not design or manufacturer tires that are on their automobiles. They rely on a reputable tire manufacturer to supply them tires to meet their criteria.

We would like this correction printed.

Jan W. Leonard, P.E.

President, Doppelmayr CTEC, Inc.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re-elect Bob Richer


Yahoo! I am so glad that Bob Richer has decided to rerun for County Commissioner this November. Bob is an outstanding public servant. He works every day to ensure the lifestyle and values that we all hold dear.

Open Space, trails, historic preservation, responsible growth are all top priorities for Bob. Be sure to vote in November for Bob!


Kathy Mears

Park City

Successful dinosaur talk


A big thank you to Don DeBlieux, local resident and paleontologist with the Utah Geological Survey, for his interesting talk on recent dinosaur discoveries in Utah and for bringing such great castings that everyone could handle. We were especially excited about that seven-foot femur bone and the claws! Another big thank you to Don of Park City Fossils and Jason Blake for their generous contribution of Trilobite fossils for our door prizes — the winners were very excited to get them. And finally, thanks to all those who came out on a stormy school night to attend the presentation.

The Friends of the Summit County Libraries is interested in sponsoring more talks. If you have an interesting profession or hobby and would like to share it for an hour, please jot down your ideas and give them to any of the county libraries to pass on to me. We would love to set something up.

Tina Blake

President, FOL

Green building program


We would like to thank Park City Area Homebuilders and its members for a generous donation. With these dollars, Recycle Utah will be able to grow our fledgling green building education program and continue to provide green building support to government officials, builders, architects, trades people and homeowners in Summit and Wasatch counties.

With voluntary green building guidelines on the horizon in our community, these educational offerings will become even more important to our community. We have been impressed with the level of commitment our local homebuilders have shown to the green building movement, and this wonderful contribution to Recycle Utah’s green building education programs is further testament to that commitment.


Diane Murphy

President, Board of Trustees

Recycle Utah

Remembering the important things


In this world of instant news and political backstabbing, it’s important to remember things that are most important to each of us. As I stared out my office window this morning, I was brought back to the realization that some things are worth our time, and thought.

"’Top Ecker Hill there sits a flag,

Which waves upon its crown,

To signify the men we’ve lost

And those who won’t stand down.

My man and his most faithful friend

Climb daily to inspect,

And have replaced that flag two times

In a gesture of great respect.

So if you climb up to the top

And see it a bit in rags,

Please take time to rearrange

The tatters of the flag.

Remember, when you look up high

To that majestic peak,

And see our flag wave bravely there,

The strong hearts of which I speak."

Jill Mackay


Praise to legislators


We are writing to express our sincere gratitude to the Utah Legislature for their extraordinary move to save Utahns from the devastating effects of tobacco use. Senate Bill 19 amends the Indoor Clean Air Act to prohibit smoking in the workplace and provide protection for every member of Utah’s workforce — including employees in bars, private clubs and taverns.

Currently, there are 11 U.S. states with comprehensive smoke-free policies and many more in the works. Utah was one of the first states to enact an Indoor Clean Air Act and now we are once again in the forefront in safeguarding our residents from the damaging effects of secondhand smoke.

With at least 69 known carcinogens, secondhand smoke is a public health issue. It is the third-leading cause of preventable death in the U.S., causing an estimated 53,000 deaths annually, as cited by the American Heart Association and the Journal of American Medicine.

We commend Senator Michael Waddoups for his efforts to protect every working Utahn, and his fellow legislators who joined him in this fight. Banning smoking in the workplace is a health priority and not an issue of smokers’ or business owners’ rights. Simply put, we are improving our state’s health!

We are thankful that all Utah employees can go to work confident – knowing they are safe from the dangers of secondhand smoke.


Stan Parrish, Chair

Ruben A. Zito, M.D., FACC


Utah Division Board of Directors

American Heart Association

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