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Letters to the Editor

Editor: A group of Sun Peak homeowners met with County Attorney, Jamie Bracken to discuss the new Sun Canyon Lodge on Bear Hollow Drive. At this meeting, along with other issues, the walkway along the side of the road was discussed. County Commissioner Pat Cone, in November 2001, proposed this walkway. Commissioner Cone made a motion that the developer and the County would build a walkway from the proposed hotel property to S.R. 224 "for the health and safety of the Sun Peak neighborhood." All three commissioners passed this motion. The hotel was reduced from 140 rooms with 140 lockouts to a 140-room hotel. The commissioners stated at this time that they were very concerned with safety issues of development and construction on this narrow steep road. Ms. Bracken stated in our meeting that the county could not force the new developer to construct this sidewalk because the road was too narrow and steep for construction. The key word is too NARROW! She felt that there was not an adequate shoulder on this road to accommodate a sidewalk. Without the walkway, how are our children, bikers and hikers supposed to use this road during construction and after the hotel is completed. This is exactly why Commissioners Cone, Kerr and Schifferli committed the county to participate in this project before construction began. This is a county road with county right-of-way on each side. We need the county to support the former commissioners and their commitment to the Sun Peak neighborhood and the residents of Summit County. We need to ensure the safety of everyone who uses Bear Hollow Drive to enjoy the beauty and the trail system of this canyon. Please keep the promises made to our community on Nov. 20, 2001. Sincerely, Barry and Helen O’Connor Sun Peak Support for ‘local’ radio Editor: I enjoyed reading these letters from folks all a-titter about the amount of compensation paid to Blair and Susan at KPCW. These folks probably weren’t here when we, for the first time, could tune in and listen to a "local" station. To those folks who swear they’ll only listen to Salt Lake’s KUER from now on, remember when you want "local" snow reports, traffic reports, county commission minutes, voter information, or if you lose your dog, KUER won’t have it, Blair will. The amount he is paid is commensurate with the multiple titles he holds and duties he performs daily. I feel he SHOULD be paid equivalent to Salt Lake’s commercial station management because he does as much, if not more. As far as the monies received for the sale of the Coalville frequency, more power to him and Susan (remember they could have taken 51 percent). So to you KUER’ers, if you find yourself "accidentally" tuning in to catch what happened in town or the county, for the road conditions, please sit down and send the station a hundred dollar check. Sincerely, Bradley B. Rounds, O.D. KPCW DJ class of 1980 Now the garbage business Editor:

Given the lawsuits and miserable performance of Mountain Regional Water, Summit County officials now have their sights set on garbage service in the Snyderville Basin. Reports emanating from the meeting of the Summit County Solid Waste Advisory Committee include a proposal for Summit County to enter the trash hauling business in the Snyderville Basin, displacing BFI and other prospective providers. Despite the county having no significant experience in the garbage business, Commissioner Ken Woolstenhulme commented that the county could provide the service at a lower cost because the county would not need to make a "profit." Sound familiar?

The county need only purchase the trucks and other equipment to provide trash-hauling service, purchase the IT infrastructure and software required for management, hire personnel, rent office and equipment space. The purchases, employment and leasing issues could be addressed in a matter of months and would have duplicated the complete infrastructure of BFI. Entry into a new line of business also will address the conclusions of the Summit County Form of Governance Study Committee that concluded, "a three-member commission does not permit the county to exercise its executive power efficiently, economically and effectively, lacks accountability to the people" and "[by] dividing its executive duties into portfolios, the executive decision-making process is masked both from public view and the view of other commissioners."

Like it’s 1999 again, the county commission appears ready to launch headlong into the private market without any expertise and fully expects that they will provide a better product than that available now. I am sure that more than a few of the customers of Mountain Regional Water are simply cringing at the thought as they reach for their wallets. Not only will the water cost be excessively high, the garbage collection bills will be, too. Whatever the shortcomings of BFI, the hubris of the county commissioners in anticipating again that they will readily provide a better product with minimal effort is amazing. The irony is how Shauna Kerr, a self-proclaimed architect of Mountain Regional and the attempted monopolization of water service, will address this proposal on behalf of her new client, BFI. Who will provide the best service at the lowest cost now, Shauna? Chris Fox Park City Percussive performance Editor:

Anyone who missed "Drum!" Nov. 19 at the Eccles Center missed a fabulous performance. As an Eccles Center volunteer for many seasons, I have seen numerous performances, most good. Without a doubt, the performance by "Drum" was the most spectacular I have ever seen there. It was loud, high, energy, fast moving and colorful. The precision of the artists while playing the drums and spoons was phenomenal!

Thank you, Teri and the Eccles Center for bringing this to Park City. Penny Cunningham Park City

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