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Letters to the Editor


I was disturbed when I read the article about The Line condominium project on Deer Valley Drive. When Mr. Hamburger first approached me, he asked pointed questions concerning the project. It seemed more important to find out what was "wrong" with The Line rather than what was going on. These few questions seemed to head in an accusatory direction. After reading the article, I am beginning to understand why. If fair and objective reporting were what The Record is trying to achieve it would seem that a reporter would want to hear not only from the disgruntled but also those of us that feel that this community has benefited and that we are the fortunate recipients.

I realize that compared to the other major projects that have begun in this community, this does not offer a large return to those who’ve committed to the building and development of the project. In any endeavor there are areas that in hindsight could have operated more efficiently. But the net result is there is some quality affordable housing in a town where residents are financially less and less likely to be able to remain. How about covering a story about these issues. My thanks go out to Mountainlands Community Housing Trust for providing an affordable place to live in Old Town.

Rusty Croft

Happy new homeowner at The Line Condominiums

A vote for open space


When I hike through Round Valley and enjoy taking in the Park City panorama, I am reminded why this mountain town community is my home. It’s fascinating to me that Round Valley is larger in acreage than New York City’s Central Park, and I am thankful others had the foresight to save this land through open space preservation efforts.

Park City is not as fortunate as some other mountain towns, such as Jackson, in sitting adjacent to U.S. Forest or BLM land. To save Park City’s key parcels of open space, we have to acquire them.

Previous open space bond monies have been spent, and Park City residents have an opportunity this election to remain progressive and act for the future. Let’s continue to save our open land and incredible quality of life. I urge Park City residents to vote YES for the open space bond on the Nov. 7 election. We pay for where we live. Open space is priceless.

Vote YES for open space this November.


Courtney Stern

Park City

Replace the sheriff


I would like to encourage all eligible Summit County voters to get out and vote on Election Day. We need to make some changes in our county government.

Our sheriff has been a big disappointment to a lot of people and he needs to be replaced. These changes can only happen if everyone votes.


Alfred Blonquist


Response to Record story


This is in response to the article about Brody Taylor, published on Oct. 11.

Brody has had two written negative actions in his personal file, in nearly 10 years of service at the Sheriff’s Office. Both of the actions were during his time in corrections, working in the jail. In the last two years, the Sheriff’s Office paid to have him Patrol Certified and allowed him to work for 1 1/2 years on the road. There was never a complaint filed, nor was any action taken regarding the alleged incident at the fast-food place, as stated. We believe the information was published without full disclosure of the situation. Brody has numerous commendation letters regarding his professional conduct and high felony arrests. Those commendations are available upon request, as well as access to his public personal file, regarding the disciplinary actions against him. Please e-mail Info@taylor4sheriff.com , and the information will be provided.

Other information was provided to the staff at The Park Record in the interviews regarding other concerns and issues leading to Brody being forced to resign. At the time of his resignation, his wife was within seven days of having a C-section delivery of their second child and the added stress was causing health concerns for her and the unborn baby. We know there are very qualified individuals working for the Sheriff’s Office right now, and hope to only better the situation with the election. Regardless of the outcome of the election, we hope to see changes in the administration and in the treatment of the majority of the employees. Brody is hoping to bring a local touch and local leadership back to the Sheriff’s Office. His campaign is not based on alleged misconduct at the Sheriff’s Office; however, it is based on a local man trying to bring back integrity and leadership to the office.

Thank you,

Jason Taylor

Campaign to Elect Brody Taylor Summit County Sheriff

Yes on Proposition 1


I moved to the Snyderville Basin 16 years ago. I have had a lot of experience dealing with the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission. However, given the growth factors confronting the greater Park City area, we need way more than appointed volunteers in government. We need a full-time professional and experienced county manager.

Please vote in support of Proposition 1 on Nov. 7 to expand government from three to five commissioners, and hire a county manager.


Annette Baker

Park City

Vote the bastards out


I always enjoy Tom Clyde’s weekly column, "More Dogs On Main Street," and his not-so-subtle quips. This is especially true in his latest jab of Oct. 7, on our "do-nothing" Congress. I agree wholeheartedly that we should "Vote the bastards out."

While I think his idea to replace our voting rights by drafting our representatives has merit, it does present a problem. Who and how do we appoint the folks who will conduct the draft? Instead, we should keep it simple and in line with our basic responsibilities as American citizens. First, during the November elections, let us all discharge our basic responsibilities by voting. Second, I suggest that each of us not vote for the incumbent, whoever she or he is. I might add that this plan applies to everyone seeking office — from local to national offices. If they are current incumbents let’s bring them home for a rest. Nice folks or not, we vote them out. As Tom Clyde says, we might get a "better cross-section" of folks to represent us. More importantly, it would send a strong message to ourselves that "we are in charge here," and a stronger message to all office seekers to break bread with one another and do the people’s work, or else they will be coming home next term. I tried this during the primaries. It was painless and it worked!

Tom O. McCullough

Park City

Vote for more open space


I urge all fellow residents of Park City to be sure they are properly registered to vote and on Nov. 7 to vote "YES" on the Open Space Bond. Even if all of us do not hike or bike on the 300 miles of trails around Park City, everyone and our tourists/visitors look at the stunning mountains around town every day, every season. If the "entry corridors" had not been protected by the Open Space purchases with the 1998 and 2002 bonds, Park City would look like other improperly developed ski areas such as South Lake Tahoe/Heavenly Valley; Interstate 70 strip resorts Vail, Jackson Hole, etc.

All the land in and around Park City is private it must be purchased to keep it underdeveloped. To do that, Park City voters should continue to say "YES" to the Open Space Special Bond election on Nov. 7.


Gordon Strachan

Park City

Re-elect Richer


It is my pleasure to support Bob Richer in his re-election bid as a Summit County Commissioner.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Bob for almost 20 years and can state without reservation that he has been and continues to be one of the very best public officials I have ever met.

Bob combines a remarkable grasp of complex public policy issues with a sense of commitment, tenacity and integrity that are the very essence of what every citizen hopes for in their elected officials.

Bob’s record of fairness, caring and accomplishments as a former City Council member, a community activist, chair and/or president of numerous non-profit organizations, and as a Summit County Commissioner are, I trust, obvious to everyone taking an interest in our community.

This past year, Leadership Park City bestowed its prestigious Community Leadership Award on Commissioner Richer recognizing his excellent, long-standing, and selfless service to Park City and Summit County.

In these litigious times when the media is filled with accusations and bombast, I am confident our citizens understand that Bob has bravely and eloquently stood for the "quality of life" issues he was elected to support. He made good on his campaign promise of four years ago to vigorously and fairly nurture and protect our growing community.

I am proud and honored to support Commissioner Bob Richer and I hope you will join me in voting for his re-election.


Myles C. Rademan

West Side must vote


If you treasure what makes Park City and the Snyderville Basin so special open space, trails and low-density, quality development then you must get out and vote to preserve this special way of life. This is an important election to Western Summit County that could have widespread detrimental implications if we do not get out and vote. Let’s not see Park City and the Basin turn into essentially an extension of the Salt Lake Valley. Get informed and vote.

Kevin Simon

Park City

Boyle for school board


I am writing to personally support Michael Boyle for Park City School Board.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Michael over a number of years and can attest to his commitment, integrity and fine analytical skills. As a member of Leadership Park City Class IX, Michael demonstrated his interest in learning about the Park City community, and this interest has continued to blossom into his bid to serve on the Park City School Board.

The Park City schools are one of our community’s finest assets. A wonderful boon to our children, a draw for families seeking to relocate, and a source of pride to parents like myself who have watched their children graduate well prepared to prosper in the wider world.

This heritage and legacy has been carefully tended by dedicated teachers, administrators and school board members over many years. They have cultivated a spirit of excellence and have demanded accountability.

I believe that Michael Boyle is admirably suited to carry on this legacy and will become an excellent addition to the board.

Please join me in supporting his candidacy.


Joy Barrett

Park City

Part-timers weigh in


We are part-time residents of Park City and Summit County. Arlene is a public relations professional. Fred has been an attorney for 39 years in New Jersey representing many governmental units.

It is clear to us that Bob Richer, having been involved in municipal government for many years on both the Park City Council and the Summit County Commission, has an excellent grasp of all the present issues that face this growing county. He has foreseen the governmental needs that the county will be faced with in the future.

These issues relate to proper administration of a county as large as Summit County and the need for an internal and full-time administrator. He is well aware of the economic effects of growth in the county and that the change of form of government will be an economic benefit and will lead to additional efficiency of government.

He also clearly understands the quality of life issues relating to growth and proper planning related to this future growth. He feels passionate about the need to protect open space while this growth continues.

He has a genuine concern for all the citizens of Summit County, both East and West.

We wish we could vote for Bob Richer this November in this very important election. We urge all those living in Park City and Summit County to vote for Bob Richer.

Summit County has been and will continue to be a better county with Bob Richer on the commission working for all of its citizens.

Arlene and Fred Schragger

Lawrenceville, N.J.

HazMat collection


Recycle Utah sends huge thanks to all who volunteered to service 331 cars during Saturday’s Hazardous Waste Collection event. From 9 a.m. to noon, residents were encouraged to drop their paints, cleaners, automotive products and unused prescription medications. We’ve organized these events since 1999 and this was by far our largest collection event ever. Thanks to all residents who came out on a cold and wet day. You are preserving our watershed by NOT dumping and keeping it clean.

Special thanks to the companies who sent qualified people to make this event happen: Philips Services, The Canyons, SBWRD, Triumph Gear and Waste Management. We appreciated the expertise and help of the Park City Fire Department and the Summit County Health Department. Recycle Utah staff and volunteers worked together in making this event happen.

Heartfelt thanks to all,

Insa Riepen

Recycle Utah

Thank you, Park City


We would like to thank all those involved in making our first "Back To Our Roots" event a great success. We couldn’t have done it without the help of the founding committee, donating merchants and attendees of the event. This is just the beginning of a tradition to honor the late Eileen Bailey and celebrate our town and tight-knit community. For those who weren’t able to attend, please contact us at parkcityroots@gmail.com for information about next year’s second annual "Back To Our Roots" celebration. Once again, a heartfelt thank you to all!

Brett and Krysti Peretti

Park City

Skateboard slalom race


As an international competitor in Saturday’s slalom race on Main Street, I’d like to say how wonderful the welcome was in Park City. This town is such a lovely place — great stores, restaurants, and free buses& wonderful!

The mayor came along to watch and give his support. I hope he was impressed. The City Council’s "leap of faith" in allowing the event to take place was, I hope, amply rewarded by many competitors and families traveling to Park City. I am sure I will return this winter to see your beautiful town covered in snow. I know I will.


Michael Stride


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