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Letters to the Editor, April 11, 2009

Compassion will change students' lives


On behalf of SNS Project Inkwell and EcoVerdance Inc., I send my heartfelt thanks to Principal Bob O’Connor and the teachers and 700 students of Treasure Mountain International School in Park City who attended the the SNS Project Inkwell Africa sister school connection assembly at Eccles Auditorium on March 27. This was followed by enthusiastic, well-considered presentations by teachers and students with fundraising ideas and student-created podcasts.

David Morris, CEO of project partner EcoVerdance, David Ssejinja, project partner and founder of the Ssejinja Children’s Foundation, and I spoke for an hour at this introduction to an absolutely still and silent auditorium filled with 700 middle-school students, until Q&A time. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to answer all of the questions, and dozens of students lined up to ask, "What else can I do to help our sister school students?" The success, passion, and excitement the students have for this program was very apparent, and moving beyond words. Park City Mayor Dana Williams appeared to be equally moved, committing his full support to this program and offering to work with the students on raising funds for their new sister school students at the St. Johnson Orphanage School in Bira, Uganda.

Bravo to our own Treasure Mountain which is about to change the lives of many children in Bira, who now know they are not forgotten, and who will have new hope for a brighter future.

Sharon Anderson-Morris

Program director, SNS Project Inkwell and Project Inkwell Africa,

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Park City

Don’t let violence become the norm


I read, with gratitude, the follow-up report regarding the beating of Ryan Bilbrey on Main Street. I am so pleased that Detective Ryan is sticking with this case. I am pleased, too, that The Park Record is keeping the case in the light and on the minds of the people. The victim is a relative of mine, making the case close to my heart.

I would love to visit your town; I hear it’s a great place to visit. Knowing that Detective Ryan and The Park Record are doing all they can to insure the safety of visitors is a wonderful thing. I live in a town where violence is the norm. Be proud your town will not stand for that. Continue protecting your town and the people who visit. Continue to bring the bad guys up on charges. Research Jacksonville, Fla., and see what happens if you don’t.

Jacki Lundie

Jacksonville, Fla.

Put 800-room hotel in Salt Lake City


I have recently heard that the Utah Visitors and Convention Bureau feels that there is a need for more hotel space in Salt Lake. They want Salt Lake to be in a position to garner more large convention business like the cities of Chicago, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. The news report stated that the Bureau felt that 1,000 new hotel rooms in Salt Lake would be a good start.

The proposed hotel at Quinn’s Junction is discussing the building of a 800-room structure and may be the largest hotel between Denver and Las Vegas. It appears that one could kill two birds with one stone if the Quinn’s Junction project could be moved to Salt Lake. It would fulfill a need and most folks in Park City might be the happier as well. Just a thought!

Michael Flaherty

Park City

Keep up the April foolery


I would like to thank The Park Record and Andy Bernhard for continuing one of our few "small town" rituals: the April Fool’s edition of the newspaper! When I first moved to town 17 years ago, I had no idea about this special edition and I was so hooked into some of the articles! And each year I would forget about it, start reading, and again be fooled! Now I look forward to it! There used to be a lot more ‘Fool’s" articles then and some were "off" just a bit, to really make you wonder if it was a joke or not. Please keep it up, Andy! It is just another small thing that makes Park City unique!

Karin Tritt Ross

Park City

Property firms using owners’ revenues


Recently, there have been several articles concerning two property-management firms, Deer Valley Lodging and David Holland’s Resort Lodging and Conference Services. Having read the articles and the editorial in the April 8 issue, I feel it’s time for a property owner to speak out.

I am a property owner of a condominium which is contracted with one of the aforesaid property-management firms. contract, my property-management firm receives 40% of my rental revenue for operating expenses. From the 60% remaining funds, my property-management firm pays my utilities, cable, gas, internet, telephone, and HOA dues. The balance is to be returned to me by the 20th of the following month.

The guests who rent my condo pay their rent in full 30 days prior to arrival. Therefore, all rental monies are collected 30 days in advance and approximately 60 days (plus or minus) from the date I am to receive the revenue.

I attended our condo HOA meeting in December, 2008. No mention was made to indicate that the property-management company was operating with a deficit and was using our rental revenue for other expenses which it could not pay itself.

I have now discovered that my HOA fees which were deducted from January revenues have not been paid, nor have my February HOA dues been paid, also deducted from revenues which I have not received.

Rocky Mountain Power has contacted me, stating that my utility bill was behind. I have yet to have confirmation that the cable, Internet, phone, and gas bills have been paid to date.

Whether Utah requires escrowed accounts for owners’ rental income or not is irrelevant. The property management companies should not use funds which are not their own for other expenses. The property-management companies already deduct operating expenses from the owners’ revenues. The balance belongs to the owners. If not illegal, it is highly unethical for a company to use funds not belonging to it to pay other expenses.

The current state of the economy has been used as an excuse. Rather, a poor business model and unethical monetary practices are the primary reasons that the property-management company has defaulted on my contract.

Diane Thompson

Park City

Let’s keep comments constructive


Premier Resorts International has been my employer for almost seven years. In that time, I have been provided many opportunities and learning experiences. I love my job and I am deeply saddened by the chain of events that have recently occurred. However, I am more dismayed by the amount of negative comments and energy generated from individuals that have been directly or indirectly affected. Many of the statements may be justified and my comments are not meant to demean someone else’s feelings or the direct impact this has had on his or her life. However, there are a lot of employees that are trying to maintain a thread of hope and positive direction. The ongoing negative vortex is pushing the limits of some of these individuals. Please keep this in mind when comments are directed to the public. We can all reach out as a community and provide constructive support and encouragement to the true assets standing in the face of this great challenge the employees (past and present) of Deer Valley Lodging and Premier Resorts International. Here’s to all the individuals that are maintaining a sense of integrity in the face of adversity. Remember your choices and attitudes affect the possibilities and opportunities that may open up to you.

Marlene Sloan

Benefits director, Premier Resorts

Park City