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Letters to the Editor, April 28-May 1, 2010

Brenda will be missed by many

Today we lost an amazingly beautiful and very dear friend. Not only to those of us that knew her, but to the community as a whole as well. In and around Park City, Brenda Smith spent many glorious years of her life doing what she loved to do, planting trees and flowers. There is much more to Brenda than her passion for beautiful landscapes. It is however, this passion, she so generously continues to share with all of us, every blooming spring.

In her last days, Brenda told me, she regretted nothing, and was thankful for everything. Brenda said she was ready for the next mission God has waiting for her. She said it with uplifted spirit, a familiar smile on her face, and an effervescent sparkle in her eyes. If anyone of us is as fortunate to go forward as courageously as Brenda did, we too, will have everything to be thankful for.

One of Brenda’s many friends

Jesse Shetler

Treasure is out of character in Park City


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I am writing today to voice my opposition to the out-of-scale, out-of-character proposed project that is ironically named "Treasure." My wife and I have a condo on Lowell Ave. just below the proposed project location and to say we would be impacted is an understatement. The increased traffic, where snow removal is currently a challenge, would result in gridlock and put pedestrians at risk.

When we remodeled our kitchen a few years back we had to delay the delivery until the company could transfer the boxes to a smaller truck because they could not deliver to our place in a standard tractor trailer — and this was in summer! Adding in ten times the vehicle traffic to this small road plus endless delivery trucks would be a nightmare, not to mention the potential for delayed emergency vehicle response.

What becomes of the businesses near the Town Lift when the lift is replaced by a Cabriolet to the new retail hotel plaza with its own ski lift? What becomes of "Historic Main Street" when no matter where you stand you have a view of this giant sore thumb sticking out in the midst of colorful quaint historic miner’s homes?

I have never questioned the right that the Sweeneys have to develop on their own land. However, I do not believe this 1 million-square-foot behemoth with ten-story high rise "boxes" was ever a part of the original vision. If it was, please produce the schematic drawings that back that "vision."

I hope that the architect who created the "3D" representation includes a representative slice of the existing homes in the display to see the difference in scale — I’m guessing they won’t. I also hope the engineering takes into consideration the load that this huge complex will put on this slope (above our property) in the middle of a relatively unknown labyrinth of mine tunnels that travel up to a mile below the surface. My advice is to rebury this "Treasure" deep in one of those abandoned mine tunnels and replace it with a tasteful, scaled down resort that reflects the character of the community we all care about so much.

Paul Sirois

Park City

PCHS Docudrama still has impact


Recently, the PCHS PTSO held its annual Docudrama for this year’s graduating senior class. Having been involved the past three years it still has quite an effect on everyone involved. Without the many volunteers this event would not have been possible.

A special "Thank You" to the Park City Police and Fire Departments, Belchers Towing, Olpin Mortuary, Lifetouch Photography and Mandy Webb from Summit County Public Health for their professional services and continued support for the safety of our students.

Without the excellent acting from the participants this would not have been possible.

Finally, to the class of 2010 we hope and pray that you make the smart choices that will ensure a bright and successful future.


Debbi Bessembinder Parent

Water customer doubts councilmember’s sincerity


When I was on Park City Council with Sally Elliott, she often spoke of her grand design to combine all of the water companies in the Snyderville Basin into one. For her to say "We have no desire to harm Summit Water in any way" after trying to condemn a perfectly good water system is, at best, disingenuous. Meanwhile, I am paying a lot more for water because of her.

Ray Johnson, Former Park City councilor

Jeremy Ranch

Bonanza businesses brace for construction

Dear Editor:

We are owners of "Right At Home" located at 1745 Bonanza Drive and attended Wednesday’s business meeting detailing marketing strategies to cope with the construction and closure of Bonanza Drive this summer. Construction is slated to begin mid-June. It was a very informative meeting and Stu Stanek, Clear Channel and Drew Bedford, Flashpoint Media offered some excellent marketing tips on ways to cope with making sure customers continue to shop, eat and frequent our businesses. The Chamber of Commerce was present as well and Colleen Burke was also helpful in offering tips to make sure that we reach out to our customers and remind them that we will all be open for business throughout the construction.

"Keep it PC" will continue to be important this summer for "us local businesses". Although Bonanza Drive will be torn up there will be access to all our businesses from side streets. Now will be a great time to learn the shortcuts, alley ways and back door accesses to our local businesses. We ask the community to make sure to continue to shop with us. We will work hard to continue to provide excellent service. Our neighborhood provides everything from groceries, dining, shopping for anything you need, dry cleaning, recycling and strolling art galleries. We’ll see you in the neighborhood! And remember, "Keep it PC’.

Marion Boland

Eileen Mullane

Cindy Matsumoto