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Letters to the Editor, April 4, 2009

He makes Judge, Park City better


Thank you for taking the time to inform the community of the hero in their midst in the person of George Angelo. Mr. Angelo, who was recently featured in an article in The Park Record, was awarded the 2009 Educator Hero award from the Utah chapter of the American Red Cross.

It has been over 12 years since Mr. Angelo started the Sports Medicine program at Judge Memorial Catholic High School and, in that time, it has grown into one of the most comprehensive and innovative high school programs in the state. He prepares our students to take command of emergency situations, and to do it with skill and grace. As one of his students says, "He is not simply a teacher, he is a mentor who has given us knowledge we will use for the rest of our lives." As educators, that is our mission and purpose.

Judge Memorial and Park City both are better places for having George Angelo as part of their communities. Thank you for sharing his story.

Rick Bartman,

Principal, Judge Memorial Catholic High School

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Letter distorts City’s position


A letter by Gerald Wenner in last Saturday’s edition of The Park Record has prompted me once again to offer a couple of facts regarding the City’s position on the military recreation facility and the passage of Senate Bills 56 and 216.

When the City initially heard about the desire to replace the Hill House lost due to the development of the Snow Basin ski area, we purchased the Imperial Hotel on Main Street and offered that property as a replacement.

When we then heard that the scope was changed from a replacement facility to a facility that would provide approximately 250 rooms for service personnel, we took advantage of the opportunity to sell the Imperial Hotel, and made a profit of roughly $2 million. We then offered the $2 million to help in the acquisition of property available to the County at the Canyons, so the recreational facility could be close to recreational opportunities (skiing and golf).

The inability of the County to complete the acquisition of title to the property at the Canyons has slowed the process somewhat, but to suggest that the City "can’t find the time and effort to support our troops" is blatantly false. We found time, effort and money. No other agency local, state, or federal has done so.

The surprises regarding the state legislation and associated discussions were:

That it went through so quickly and smoothly. Brent Ferrin, a representative of the developer identified years ago by the military, stated a couple of years ago in an interview on KPCW that he would not follow City or County development codes. We expected this meant the use of federal supremacy laws.

We were surprised that since apparently the feds weren’t comfortable exercising their supremacy capabilities, the state would step in and override local planning and zoning for them.

That the scope of the project increased again to 800 units plus completely unrelated commercial development. This is at least four times the magnitude of any project ever approved, proposed or contemplated in this area.

We have always indicated a strong desire to have a military recreation facility in Summit County, have worked hard to try to provide the best probability of success for our military personnel and we shall continue our efforts to do so.

Jim Hier

Park City Council

Air Force retreat: No, thank you


Our Air Force has forfeited its right to be welcome in Park City. We have built a wonderful environment for residents and visitors alike. We looked hard to find our military friends a home where brass and non-coms alike could enjoy this community as equal partners. It was a heart-felt obligation to those who served. Today, I am done.

We pledged $25 million for a walk-ability bond. Aggressive open-space acquisitions are commonplace for us. These efforts and more are part of decades of work and millions in taxes we voluntarily commit to our quality of life.

If the Service is willing to threaten this for a free ride at Quinn’s Junction they don’t just miss the point, they lose the right to be welcome here. If this were the first attempt at what has become an exhausting game, it might be forgiven. It is not.

The recent legislative action paving the way for what is the most disruptive development I have witnessed in Summit is embarrassing. Introduce the legislation late in the game and with minimal public input, exempt the counties that could resist effectively and let Summit County be damned.

My family has served in most every conflict starting with the Revolution. Some served in the Air Force before it was the Air Force, but rather, the Army Air Corps. Play the "patriotic" card as you wish and brand me as you may, but Air Force, my welcome for you is exhausted.

Bob Derber

Park Meadows

Call me comfortable in Coalville


My name is Roxi, and I was traveling through your fine state last Sunday night, on my way from Las Vegas back to my home in Marshalltown, Iowa. It started to snow north of Salt Lake City, and quickly got so you couldn’t see five feet in front of you.

following a semi, we made it to Coalville, Utah, and to the "Country Place Motel" at 99 S. Main St. We didn’t have much money (returning from Vegas, you know!) and the couple that runs that little motel were so sweet. For $45 we were able to sleep and wake up to bright sunshine and an excellent travel day.

I just thought if anyone needs cheap and comfortable rooms, maybe they’d listen to an Iowegian and go to Coalville.

Roxanne Playle

Marshalltown, Iowa