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Letters to the editor, April 8, 2009

Fog clouds council actions


The fog comes in on little cat feet. But when the sun comes out it rises. We could use some sunshine laws. Because I think that City Council instructed the Planning Commission to come up with regulations that protected the last remaining historic old town homes by regulation, not by fiat. Fiat would have been honest. This really made the Planning Commission scapegoats for lacking a mandate and a justification. Shame on Park City Council. Let us always have an honest discussion. Sincerely, Susan Truxes

Park City

Park City Pride


I have lived in Park City since kindergarten. I have seen a town that had one stoplight and nothing more than a McDonald’s at Kimball Junction turn into a booming, beautiful ski town.

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The problem is, I am watching the booming pass the beautiful stage. I have heard rumor about the Military hotel and other plans made for Quinn’s Junction and am amazed more people are not pouring outrage to who is promoting this horrible idea.

Park City has always seemed to pride itself on being the place you can come and get that small-town feel, where there has always been that small-town feel. And even with the L.A. swarm once a year, that always leaves and we are back to our P.C.

Creating something as ugly as a military hotel and the other ideas that have been tossed around for that area will completely ruin what Park City has left of its small town feel. It will create an unnecessary crowd of people that will not easily dissipate, that will hover and never leave.

The film building will bring L.A. to Park City permanently, more second homes will be made to be lived in 10 percent of the time and the great small town with a high school of 900 students, and the quick trip to the market that takes an hour after running into all your neighbors will all but become a memory.

If people in this town really have Park City Pride they will fight to make sure this project NEVER goes through. If not, then this is not the Park City I remember growing up in, and that will be a shame and a cause for any true Parkite to have a piece of them die inside. Sincerely,

Chelsea Shapard

Park City