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Letters to the editor, Aug. 2- 5, 2008

Dear Editor:

Regarding the fliers posted with Berube picture and telephone number (and surprise, I’m NOT writing about dogs!): The persons who printed the fliers followed the guy around to snap his mug in a public place. I believe knowledge or consent is not required to be photographed in public, but is it just me or does the creepy-meter hit the medium high mark? A warning to all you surreptitious nose pickers: beware you are being watched…

So why did these nameless persons include Berube’s phone number if the flier was to warn free-dog people? I can think of only one reason: public harassment. Are we supposed to read the flier and call the man at night to give him an opinion? Should we scream at him when he walks by on the trail, or better yet toss a stone? FYI, I am being sarcastic, don’t get any ideas. I mean, really, there is only ONE reason to include his home phone number and that is to encourage (incite?) people to call and bug the guy and in doing so bug his family.

Shame on The Park Record, too, for making sure that potential lunatics who did not read his telephone number could read it in the paper. The Salt Lake Tribune printed the flyer yet blurred out his number, learn from then, have some class. Park Record – it is NOT your job to help harass folks.

Shame on us for how we responded to the whole dog issue. Letters advising him to leave, be tarred and feathered, etc. Whatever happened to – oh I don’t know – DEBATE?

So I challenge you. You who printed and posted the flier – write in, claim and SIGN YOUR NAME and your number. That’s right, yellows, take responsibility for your action. In doing it anomalously, are you acknowledging that posting the flier was if anything inappropriate and potential skirting legality? I say yes.

Natascha Lautenschlaeger

Park City

Senior picnic is a big crowd pleaser


We sincerely thank all who helped make our recent Summer Senior Picnic a delightful event: The Market at Park City, Park City Municipal, musicians Eric and Alison Samuels, emcee Rich Fine, the Park City Chamber/Bureau Ambassadors, and the many business community members who donated such great prizes. This annual event is the highlight of our Summer Senior Program which hosts the many senior guests who come to enjoy our summer season and escape the heat of Arizona, California and many other locales. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

Deb Lewis and Pat Ball

Summer Senior Program Coordinators

Park City Chamber/Bureau

Paper should publish articles for Hispanic residents Editor:

I have actually a year living in this nice town, and I’m almost positive that people of Hispanic origin, would enjoy your newspaper. Writing a couple of articles or little section in Spanish also is a way to include them as part of the community. I have been in others states and towns like Park City and progressive countries, and they include people in all activities.

Maybe in this way Hispanic people in Park City, will be more able to participate in and be more involved as volunteers or make this community more integrated.

I don’t know much about the percentage of Hispanics that exist here in Park City…but is good to try. Thanks so much. Sincerely, Ivan Smith

Park City

Pinebrook – Just another flight path?

Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed a distinct increase in aircraft flying low over the Pinebrook area, especially in the middle of the night. Are they trying to save gas? I thought the "usual" flight path was to follow the I-80 corridor, but now it seems that any path/height goes.

Last weekend we had 3 very low flights by helicopters at around 12:30 a.m. on Saturday morning and 12:25 a.m. and 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning – was anyone else woken up by these? The FAA doesn’t seem to know anything, same for the SLC airport folks.

I moved to the Park City area to get away from traffic/city noise, lately it seems a lot noisier than usual. Anyone else noticed this?

Lewis Farrell

Park City

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