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Letters to the Editor, August 18-20, 2010

Kindness prevailed at Arts Festival


I want to thank your readers who reached out to us about the article on the unfortunate theft at Arts Festival. We were heartbroken that a con man posing as a volunteer could commit such an appalling act, but the letters of encouragement were great comfort.

We rely on the gate money we receive at Arts Festival to allow the Kimball to be free and open to the public year round. It is our largest annual fundraiser. Stealing from us is robbing the community of our free school tours and free public exhibitions like the LEGO show. It is shameful and we want other non-profits to be careful so it doesn’t happen to them.

That said, the innate kindness of people prevails. We were very moved by two specific people who stepped forward to become Kimball Benefactors to undo some of the wrong that was done to us. This is the kind of support and goodwill is what makes our community great. Thanks to our members, sponsors and funders like the Restaurant and RAP Tax who keep us thriving!

Robin Rankin Marrouche

Executive director

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Local talent shone at Oakley show


The Park City Summit County Arts Council and the members of the planning committee want to thank our Park City and Summit County communities for supporting the first Oakley Arts & Artisans Show and Sale conducted on July 17. We were so proud to help show off Summit County talent in such a beautiful setting in Oakley.

We had a total of 31 artists from Oakley, Kamas, Coalville and Park City. A variety of work made up the show: pottery, photography, wood carving, a children’s book, glass art, jewelry, fabric art and oil, acrylic and watercolor painting. Between 250 and 275 people attended the event with a high percentage of folks from Oakley and Park City. The community support made this success possible, and we extend our appreciation as well as hope that you will join us again next year.

We especially thank the Oakley City mayor and city council, Keith Walker of Road Island Diner, Larry Devy of Ken’s Kash, and Ray Peterson for bringing his ice cream wagon.

Rhoda Stauffer

On behalf of Steve Taylor, Kathleen Briley, Kathryn Scott, Jan Massimino, Janet Thimmes, Jacalyn Rounday, Jayanne Sindt and Carole Saunders.

Hats off to officer of the year


Congratulations to Christina Lynn Sally for being awarded Summit County Sheriff’s Officer of the Year for 2010. The Elks Lodge #734 put on a great ceremony, and Sheriff Dave Edmunds gave a beautiful speech. Congratulations, baby. I’m so proud of you.

Ted Keane

Park City

Harboring thistles is against the law


This is to inform the citizens of Park City and Summit County of a noxious week problem within our community. Recently, while attending a tour of the Copper Moose Farm, I was given a brochure of noxious weeds in our area. Thistle was listed as the noxious weed of the month with an announcement that it was illegal to have this weed on your property. It seems that many people, including those in our government, are in violation of this ordinance because I have seen both Scotch and Canadian thistle just about everywhere as I ride my bike each day.

My husband and I have been cutting off the blossoms and putting them in garbage containers as fast as we can to remove the seeds and prevent future thistles from growing, but we feel this is an exercise in futility. There is thistle everywhere, and we can’t begin to remove enough to make much of a difference.

We would be willing to organize thistle removal and spraying if any other people would be interested in helping with this endeavor. This would be a great project for any organizations looking for something that would be helpful to our community.

You can reach me at the Christian Center or by calling (435) 615-1582.

Lorraine Stuecken

Park City

School district showed sensitivity


On behalf of the Jewish community of Park City, I want to thank the administration and Board of Education of the Park City School District for their great sensitivity to a recent scheduling challenge. Inadvertently, PCHS Homecoming weekend was scheduled on the weekend of Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year. Members of the football team, the band, the cheer squad, as well as the student body and faculty would have been impacted.

When I brought this to the attention of the administration and school board, they responded sensitively and efficiently so that another date could be selected.

Special appreciation to Superintendent Ray Timothy, PCHS Principal Hilary Hays, PCHS Vice Principal Doug Payne, Coach Kai Smalley and the entire PCSD school board for their graciousness in this matter. Our entire community is well served by educators such as these who embrace diversity. There is no better education than modeling thoughtful decisions.

Rabbi Joshua M Aaronson

Temple Har Shalom

Park City