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Letters to the Editor, August 21-24, 2010

Home-tour revenue vital to Peace House


On behalf of the Peace House Board of Directors and staff, I would like to thank the Park City Board of Realtors and The Colony at White Pine for making the 2010 Luxury Home Tour and Auction a reality.

Peace House is grateful that we have the continued support of the Park City Board of Realtors Philanthropic Foundation through the Luxury Home Tour. We also offer our sincere appreciation to The Colony for stepping up as not only the location but also as the Presenting Sponsor for the event. The Luxury Home Tour and Auction is the pinnacle of our annual fundraising efforts. The continued support from the Park City Board of Realtors Philanthropic Foundation and the newfound support of The Colony and its homeowners means so much to us. The event revenue helps provide a much-needed source of funding at a critical time.

I would also like to offer Peace House’s sincere appreciation to the all of the volunteers, donors, and attendees who helped make the Tour a resounding success. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. The support of the community is what helps keep our doors open and ensures lives are saved.

Thank you for caring about the women and children we assist.

Jane Patten

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Peace House executive director

Tell us more about Canyons golf course


As are many, I am following the news regarding Park City’s next public golf course. I would like to see an article on the facility as now planned. The last article states the course has been redesigned after a parcel has been excluded. I would like to learn more. Also, can you provide a course layout map with yardages, number of tees, grass types, sand trap and water descriptions, etc. Also club facilities, expected pricing and membership plans for residents. I would like to read about the course architect, the possible pro, and other officials. And when can we hope to tee off? Many thanks, and I look forward to more on this course.

Keith Herbert

Park City

Extreme anti-Obama slant is unbecoming


You really should reconsider your editorial page’s extreme and constant anti-Obama slant. It is unbecoming to an otherwise fine local paper. Not everyone who lives in or visits this beautiful area is a follower of FOX News, Tea parties, Limbaugh and Hannity, or any other of the hate mongers. Do you ever consider the alternative to Obama: a confused and confusing old man who was in the bottom 1% of his class, and an ignorant woman who, as her debate mentor described, "knows absolutely nothing." We have a true gift in Obama and we, including you, should be grateful for him.

Dr. William Hickman

Phoenix, Ariz.