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Letters to the Editor August 6-8, 2008


Mr. Wrona may be the spokesperson for KPCW but Blair Feulner will forever be the voice.

I have a hard time believing that the actions of the Board of Community Wireless are about saving KPCW. It seems much more to be about destroying Blair Feulner: his reputation in the community, his pride in his life’s work, his sense of dignity.

I have a hard time believing that Blair resigned in a pique simply because he didn’t get his way. To say that Blair walked off without any warning, without any discussion, and without any provocation defies logic. Isn’t it more true that Blair had been asking for a reduced role at the station for months? What is so unreasonable about that? What was so wrong with wanting a six-month sabbatical?

Why did this have to become a crisis and a soap opera at that?

What in the world did Blair do to deserve this unkind treatment?

For those who don’t know the history, Blair Feulner was the vision behind KPCW and the person who begged, borrowed, and bargained to get the station on the air in 1980. Yes, there were many others who played big roles in the creation and the sustained success of the station but none as large and as long as Blair’s. Over its 30 years, KPCW has transformed from a truly local, all volunteer station to an admirably professional station that is recognized in the NPR world as a model for listener loyalty and listener support. And at the core of that loyalty is the audience’s addiction to Blair’s insightful interviews. In my opinion, Park City and Summit County are far better places than they would have been without KPCW and without Blair’s intimate knowledge of the players, the personalities, and the history of the issues.

And yes I know there are those who criticize Blair for his compensation. And did he and Susan ever have to pay for it. Heavens knows that no one should ever have to endure the humiliation that Blair and Susan lived through at the hands of the Salt Lake Tribune for a year. And I know that many in this community too were offended. But you know what? Where was the Tribune and the other detractors during those 20 years when Blair worked for $35,000 or less a year? And that, I would point out, was as general manager, chief engineer and on air news personality, usually three distinct positions in a radio station.

I believe that Blair’s resignation is a huge loss to the community. I, for one, hope that the Board of Community Wireless will reconsider its decision. And I would hope that all Board members would become active in resolving this situation, not just the few whom we are hearing from now and who seem intent on making Blair into the bad guy.

Joan Calder


A salute to local law enforcement


Have you ever said thanks to a cop? We all get upset when stopped for speeding or disregarding a stop sign. We say to ourselves, "why aren’t the police out chasing real criminals instead of stopping me?"

Yet, when there are barking dogs, noisy parties, and the likes, the statement most frequently uttered is, "where are the police when you need them?" Just take a look at the weekly Police or Sheriff reports to see some of the things we ask the police to do for us: remove a bat from a house, quiet a noisy dog or party, move skateboarders away. And, a call to report that low flying helicopters scared horses. Are we now asking our police to enforce FAA rules, if in fact any were broken?

Whatever happened to civility and self-reliance? Perhaps if we, and not the police, visited the neighbor with the loud party and respectfully asked them to turn down the volume because it is late, they might even invite us to their next party. The same with barking dogs; be civil when speaking with the owner and say thanks. No police intervention necessary; it’s a win-win for all of us.

If you’re afraid of bats, try asking a neighbor for help. Really, it’s your house; you’re an adult, take care of it yourself.

So, the next time you see a police officer, just say "thank you" for all they do for us.

Civility and self-reliance help us all become better citizens.

line> the way, if you are stopped for a traffic violation, you are breaking the law.

Tom Oliver

Park City

Peeved poster issues a challenge


This is in response to your most recent editorial, in which you excoriate your readers for their "vicious knee-jerk attacks" posted as blog entries, and then ask your readers to write letters to the editor. This is presented to your readers as a "challenge."

How about those of us who sign our real names to blogs, only to have the editor hide them? As I wrote twice before (in my blog entry, with my real name) I’m in the phonebook. If there is no personal attack, no foul language, and nothing to merit hiding comments, why hide comments? Unless someone asked you to? You, editor, are becoming the story.

I would appreciate it if you could respond to my personal message which I sent you (my third attempt). I’m in the Park City phonebook, and I also sent you my phone number. Several of your concerned readers (who can navigate your site well enough to find comments which you’ve hidden) have found me and called me. How about you? You’ll have a great story. There’s my challenge.

Peter Roberts

Park City

Kimball hosts splendid evening


Congratulations to the Kimball Art Center. On Thursday, Aug. 31st we enjoyed an elegant evening at the Kimball Art Center for their annual Art Auction kick-off to the Park City Arts Festival. This year’s event far surpassed previous ones, with much due to the Kimball’s new Executive Director Bruce Larabee and his tireless crew. The auction items and artists were incredibly varied and the food was simply delicious. Thank you to our local Parkites for a fantastic representation of the Park City arts and benefactors, and congratulations to Bruce and the Kimball on the success of the auction! We can’t wait for next year.

Maren Bargreen, Gallery MAR Matt Mullin, K.A.C. Board Member

KPCW won’t be the same without Feulner


I am a long-time supporter of KPCW. I have known and admired Blair and Susan Feulner for many years.

I have watched the little struggling station grow and mature and become the lifeblood of the Park City community.

Recently I have been horrified at the attack on Blair from the Board of Trustees. I have not read or heard simple statements of facts. Instead the media has been full of quotes from the Board spokesman consisting of nasty accusations and innuendos.

I just received my letter from KPCW asking for a donation. I am not writing a check. I hope the Board of Trustees comes forward with apologies for this scurrilous smear campaign and treats the people who put the station together with the respect they deserve. I think it is a good time for the listeners and supporters to sit out this Fund Drive week and send a message that the nastiness needs to stop and the truth come out.

Suzanne Lewis



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