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Letters to the Editor, December 1-4, 2012

Recognizing immigrants for their contributions


On Wednesday evening, a good number of community members had an opportunity to hear the Adelante presentation by the Latinos in Action of Park City High School. In a presentation directed toward parents, educators, fellow students and community members, the "LIAs" shared what makes up their everyday life at school, the demands it makes, their hopes and expectations for college, and the kinds of support which they need and appreciate from parents and community in order to take full advantage of the opportunities the school offers. They also acknowledged gratefully the hard work of their parents to provide them with the tools and opportunities to have a better life, and to use their talents to contribute to the community at large.

Adelante means "moving forward." The LIA’s presentation, coming from their hearts, gives the real human face to the issue of immigration reform. The talent, generosity, spirit of hard work and hope that these young persons live out on a daily basis represent what has always been a part of immigrating to the U.S. That they recognize those traits in their parents reminds me that there are many persons willing and able to contribute to this country. It is not just about the Dream Act. It is about acknowledging the potential and contributions of immigrants, and reforming laws which don’t work. We need to stop the talk that intimidates good people from speaking out in support of doing what is right, especially for young persons like the Latinos in Action who know who they are and who they can become.

Congratulations to Park City High School leadership, LIA teacher Anna Williams, the counseling staff, and to the Latinos in Action for sharing their vision and voice. It takes courage these days. And may their focus motivate persons of good will to act with them for immigration reform on the federal level this year.

"The legal system can force open doors and sometimes even knock down walls. But it cannot build bridges. That job belongs to you and me." — Justice Thurgood Marshall

Sister Mary Ann Pajakowski CSC

Holy Cross Ministries

Government must learn to live with ‘new normal’


As reported in your midweek editorial, the dire predictions by the county manager that without more money he will have to lay off perhaps five sheriff’s deputies and an unspecified (and not enumerated) number of road maintenance workers follows a well-tried and successful formula: Tell people in advance the most unpalatable results of their resistance to giving government more of their money and hope to scare them into submission.

School boards use the formula to great effect by listing the things on the chopping block if the latest school bond does not pass: close the school library, close the cafeteria and, God forbid, no more football and no sports bus. This one always gets to the education activists. Not so in Park City of course where every school bond is preordained to pass.

Yet your editorial seems to accept that all other county services have been cut to the "bone," but how can this be true? What catastrophes would befall us if every county agency had its budget trimmed to avoid the supposed "cliff"? I suspect that life would go on. Do more with less is the "new normal" for the taxpayer, entrepreneur and citizen; our government at every level must learn to live with the "new normal" as we citizens do.

Thomas Hurd

Park City

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