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Letters to the Editor, December 14-16, 2011

To the person who rounded up my keys


Thank you to the person who found my car keys in Round Valley. Love this


Pam Carazo

Park City

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Photos of old guys were a curious choice


Kudos to KPCW for an outstanding event ("Re-imaging Park City for the Next Generation"), both for its intent as well as its execution. The title of the article and that which got the most media visibility focused upon opportunities and housing for younger Parkites. It’s ironic that The Record chose three photos of gray-haired male locals (all good guys) to accompany the article. There was no shortage of younger panelists and audience members asking thought-provoking questions, but it is difficult for a culture to pass the torch. But like a successful relay race, it must be passed. As a community, we must both acknowledge an aging population as well as training, educating, empowering and supporting a younger generation of leaders. Let’s make a concerted effort to pass the baton, literally and figuratively.

Kenny Barfield

Park City

Much has been done on new PCEA contract


Last spring, the local teachers’ union, Park City Education Association (PCEA), and the Park City School Board began negotiations for a 2011-2012 teacher contract.

While an agreement has yet to be reached, much work has been done.

We applaud PCEA’s professional representation and steadfast commitment to Park City School District’s Interest-Based decision-making process. We are proud to be members of an organization that so highly values teachers, students and the democratic process.

We are confident that PCEA and the Board of Education can craft a mutually-acceptable contract. With the support of community, parents, colleagues and the Board of Education, we can focus on and continue to do what we do best: educate the children of Park City.

Jon Bald, Susan Barbisan, Nora Buchanan, Christy Chipman, Jenny McKenna, Missy Paskoski, Tessie Palczynski and Jenny Polloczek

The Park City Learning Center