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Letters to the Editor, December 17-20, 2011

How would a harsher sentence have helped?


The tragedy involving Lacey Picard, struck by a teen driver while riding her horse on Silver Creek Road on Labor Day, is a tragedy for all concerned. In the interests of full disclosure, I know the family of the teen driver, so one might claim my point of view is biased, but I know with certainty that the teen’s life has been forever changed, just like Lacey’s has. She is going to have to carry the heavy burden of knowing she almost killed another human being for the rest of her life. She was once a bubbly, outgoing, success-focused girl, the kind of girl any parents would be proud to call their own, a good student who has never been in trouble. She is no longer that girl and will never be again. The teen years which should be happy, carefree ones, will never be hers again. Does Mr. Picard, Lacey’s father, really think anything positive whatsoever could have come from Judge May’s having sentenced her to detention? Does he not think that the teen and her family would give absolutely anything to have it to do all over again? Would adding to the teen’s (and her family’s) very real suffering by the judge’s having sentenced her more harshly make anything better for Lacey?

If this teen is guilty of egregious crimes, so am I and virtually everyone else who lives in our Silver Creek neighborhood. I challenge any of the people who drive these roads to claim they have not driven too fast, or at times, distracted. I certainly have (or used to.) I certainly see it every day, still, despite what all of us should have learned from this horrible event. The only difference between the teen’s driving and the times that I and everyone else have driven too fast is that, but for the grace of God, no one was in our path.

Mary Lou Coleman

Park City

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Today Park City, tomorrow New York


Thank you very much for interviewing me in your newspaper and including "My Vision of America" in your guest editorials a month ago. It has been a great stepping stone in my quest for the office of President. And I appreciate the encouragement I have received from people in town.

My goal is to get my message into the media in NYC, be it TV, radio or print. The U.S. is currently in checkmate. My platform is: pay off the national debt.

Again, thank you. A vote for me is a vote for YOU.

David Clark

Park City