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Letters to the Editor, December 19-21, 2012

A guy with a gun trumps a guy with a gun


Wayne LaPierre has the ultimate best correct answer to the gun-control debate: "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."

Captain James Green

Heber City

Act of honesty deserves one in return


Thanks to honest person who returned my cash to Wells Fargo at Kimball Junction. On Friday morning you did not leave your name with the teller, but you took the time to turn in cash I did not retrieve at the ATM.

Thank you for your honesty and I hope your kindness is returned.

Best wishes for the holidays.

Jon Aries

Park City

Teachers do their best to protect your children


This is a letter to the parents of our school-age children:

After Friday’s tragedy in Connecticut, know that many of us as teachers and parents of children here in Park City and across the nation always do our best to protect your children. They are yours first and foremost, but when we have them through the day, we consider them ours too. In this world of ours, no longer is it our job to just teach, but to also nurture, support, guide, and protect.

Our world is changing rapidly. The life of a child is so precious. They are our tomorrows. Please know we as teachers of your children here in Park City will always do what we can to make sure they are safely returned to you at the end of each day. Thank you for entrusting them to us, teachers, who touch the future.

To those students we have had in the past over many years, many of you are now in your parents’ positions of sending your children to school. Our thoughts and prayers go with you and them as they go to school. May we all find some peace in the face of the recent senseless act that occurred in Connecticut.

Joe Demers

Fourth grade teacher, Jeremy Ranch Elementary

Soldier Hollow, UOP pulled off amazing feat


This weekend, Soldier Hollow and Utah Olympic Park pulled off an amazing feat to create a truly world-class Continental Cup weekend.

This weekend was truly do-or-die for me, as it was the last chance for me to earn my way back to the World Cup circuit and continue my season. Without the support of everyone who put in countless hours of work and shifted funds to make this event happen, there’s no way I could’ve gotten back. My season would’ve been over without this event.

Continental Cups are vital to our team’s World Cup success. These competitions grant quota spots for the World Cup circuit, allowing more Americans to get to the highest level competitions in nordic combined. Not only did this event allow me to return to the World Cup circuit, but it gave up-and-coming athletes that are the future of our sport the vital opportunity to experience international competition.

As a parent, it certainly wasn’t an easy weekend for me. I dedicated my first victory of the weekend to the kids in Connecticut, and that continued to push me throughout the rest of the competition.

Thank you all for an unbelievable weekend. Without your support, none of this would be possible.

Todd Lodwick

Olympic silver medalist, nordic combined

Social Security has a $2.5 trillion surplus


In a recent letter to the editor, Thomas Hurd asserted that Social Security and Medicare are "broke" and must borrow from the Chinese to pay benefits. In the reality-based world, neither is broke. The Social Security trust fund alone has a surplus of about $2.5 trillion. We should all be so broke!

Although the general fund must borrow from the Chinese to finance our military operations, to provide tax credits to oil companies, and to keep tax rates on the 1% lower than they are for the rest of us, Social Security and Medicare are self-funding and do not borrow from anyone. In fact, without their surpluses, the general fund would have to borrow even more money from the Chinese and others.

Jim Druffner

Park City

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