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Letters to the Editor, December 22-25, 2012


Seems like self-proclaimed old geezer Thomas Hurd’s letter to the editor says he is upset after reading in the Christian Science Monitor that 60 percent of 18-29 year olds voted for Obama in the last election.

He was not upset with the ¾-page ads in The Park Record advertising this is the last year for full 100 percent tax write-offs for buying new 6,000-pound Porche Cayenne SUVs. You don’t mind giving them 25k of your tax money for what? They’re special people? Like Mitt, who want "free stuff."

How about that our school board raised our taxes this year for what we asked them to do: stop layoffs, keep class sizes small, fair pay and benefits for our teachers no, they put the money in the bank. Class sizes have exploded, wages are frozen again and teachers do not have a contract. But the bank acct is full. Yeah!

Here are some more numbers for you to be upset about, Tom. Obama’s margin of victory with single women like my daughter was 36 percent. I guess they only want equal pay for equal work and control over their own bodies. How dare they.

But, hey, Tom, Romney Rocked the Vote with old white guys! A 27-percent margin over Obama.

Oh and that Hope and Change you ridiculed: How about the hope and change for millions people like the volunteer ski patroller from Canyons who worked full time, had health insurance, but had the misfortune to get real sick. Like so many in this country, because of his illness he lost his job and his insurance company dropped him (what insurance?). His family and friends held a fund-raiser at Brewvies to help pay his enormous medical bills.

In one more year (I wish it were sooner) that is no more. No more fund-raisers, donation bottles at the 7-11s, and families bankrupted from medical bills. That personal hurricane/terrorist threat will have been eliminated. Those 18-29 year olds knew that was a good thing for the country, even though most are very healthy and they will have to start paying.

That is something in this holiday season to be thankful for.

Happy Holidays Park City,

Russ Paskoski


A to-do list for President Obama


This is an open letter to President Obama:

Dear Mr. President,

Now that you are reelected, here are some projects, programs, and ideas you could implement in your second term.

1. Follow Colorado’s/California’s example and move to legalize marijuana for recreational use and/or medicinal purposes.

2. Offer Iran free trade and removal of all sanctions in return for UN inspectors (IAEA) into their country.

3. U.S. Constitutional Amendment for balancing the budget.

4. Show your bipartisanship by becoming an independent.

5. Instruct the FCC not to censure TV or radio because it violates the First Amendment freedom of speech, and if they refuse, take the case up with the U.S. Supreme Court.

6. Move for a public works bill establishing a national high-speed railroad and improvements in utilities, infrastructure and energy efficiency. Should bring millions of jobs and improve our country’s systems.

Thank you for your consideration,

Zach Haskins

Park City, Utah

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