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Letters to the Editor, December 28-30, 2011

SkiLink will help Utah resorts compete


I wanted to take a moment to express my support for the SkiLink, connecting Canyons and Solitude resorts.

Protection of and access to the mountains are both important to me as an avid skier. This project provides both benefits, as well as the added benefit of helping Utah resorts better compete with Colorado resorts. We chose Park City instead of Breckenridge, Colorado, as our home away from home because of the easy access from the airport and between resorts. I believe projects like SkiLink, which help to erase the boundaries around ski areas, is the best chance of improving Utah’s market share of vacation skier visits. Full-time residents sometimes may not like it, but like us in South Florida, they have to realize that theirs is a tourist-based economy and a thriving tourism market financially benefits everyone.

Besides the tangible economic benefits, this project will reduce vehicular traffic, use of fossil fuels, and emissions of greenhouse gases all beneficial for the forest. Projects like this, along with ski resorts teaming up on lift tickets, will help Utah resorts better compete with their counterparts in Colorado. Please support this project for the benefit of the tourism economy in Utah.

Chris Sammartino

Park City and Hollywood, Fla.