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Letters to the Editor, December 31, 2011-January 3, 2012

Donor registry hits new mark in Utah


Finally, a New Year’s resolution that worked!

In past years, the people of Utah were challenged to make a New Year’s resolution to help save lives and sign up on the Utah Donor Registry. Well, people listened, they made their resolutions and phenomenal things happened.

In 2011, the Utah Donor Registry reached a new level of over 1,290,000 people, or about 74% of licensed drivers in Utah, signed up. Compared to the rest of the nation, Utah has one of the highest rates of participation in a donor registry. This says a lot about the giving, caring nature of the citizens of Utah.

Because of these high participation rates, good things happen. For example, more lives were saved than ever before. Over 280 people received lifesaving transplants in 2010, the largest number of lives saved in a one year period for Utah. This year, 2011, even more lives were saved because people said "yes" to organ donation. Again, people caring about people and doing something about it.

The Good Samaritan Living Kidney Donor Program continues to grow and save lives. From its beginning in 2002, there has been 59 Good Samaritan donors. These are people that don’t even know their recipients. They stepped forward to donate a kidney because they felt the need to help someone.

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Thanks to the people of Utah who care so much about their fellow citizens, we are ending the suffering of many waiting for transplants. There are still over 570 Utahns waiting for lifesaving transplants. If you haven’t joined the Utah Donor Registry, I challenge you to sign up by saying "yes" on your driver license, go online to http://www.yesutah.org , or call 1-866-937-8824. Even easier, if you have a smart phone, go to http://www.yesutah.org and sign up via your phone. Get the facts and help save lives.

Keep up the good work, Utah! The rest of the nation looks to our giving state as a beacon of hope for what they want to accomplish.

Alex McDonald

Director of public education/public relations

Intermountain Donor Services

A commitment to community


Thank you Whole Foods Market Park City a true community partner.

On December 22, Temple Har Shalom members and guests came together for our annual Chanukah celebration. Over 350 men, women, and children enjoyed the festivities and the wonderful meal that was prepared and served by Whole Foods Market Park City.

The staff and volunteers of Temple Har Shalom extend their heartfelt thanks to the entire team at Whole Foods Market Park City for helping to make our Chanukah celebration so successful. Your commitment to community is deeply appreciated.

Joy Erickson

Temple Har Shalom