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Letters to the Editor, December 7-9, 2011

Hats off to planners of TEDxWomen event


I want to thank Teri Orr and the board and staff of the Park City Performing Arts Foundation for the TEDxWomen event on December 1 at the Eccles Center. What an amazing 12 hours of inspiration and entertainment from the opening violinist, the live streams from New York and L.A., and local presenters to the closing comments of Katie Wright and Teri. As Katie said, "my brain is full," as was my heart, from the amazing speakers from all over the world.

From the winners of the Google Science awards ages 13, 16 and 17, a young woman soccer player from Afghanistan, and many more, these young women are our future and we couldn’t be in better hands. Teri and her staff pulled off a seamless day, with local presenters including Linda Galindo on personal accountability, Jill Layfield, CEO Backcountry.com, entertainment provided by local teens, and Chef Jason providing food for thought. We are very lucky as a community to have this opportunity to come together and experience this event.

Thank you again for providing an occasion which left me with a brain and heart that are overflowing.

Mary Wright

Park City

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County: Curb the plows and hold the salt


(This is a copy of a letter written to Summit County Manager Bob Jasper.)

Dear Summit County Manager:

It’s December 5, 2011, 5:58 a.m. and I’m again awakened by the county snowplow in the Snyder’s Mill neighborhood. Repeatedly, as last year, I hear the plow’s blade scraping along the asphalt with less than 1 inch of snow on it.

The weather forecast for the next week is clear and the sun will soon be out to warm the asphalt and naturally melt the snow and ice. With the county budget shortfalls I hear of on KPCW, I believe scraping and dumping tons of salt unnecessarily is not only wasteful, but it puts more wear and tear on county equipment, the roads and most importantly the environment (especially for our waterways).

Yes, the rebuttal will most likely be that they scrape the roads for safety reasons or something like this. However, most of us drive all-wheel drive vehicles and after all we live in the mountains and can cope with a little snow on the roads for a few hours. How about giving the plow drivers an incentive for making a common-sense decision like NOT plowing and salting neighborhood roads with less than 2-3 inches (or more) of snow on them. Just imagine the savings and the cleaner environment!

Bill Riley

Snyder’s Mill

Who dreamed up the SLC-to-PC bus route?


The problem is the route this bus takes. Whoever advised them or who they surveyed, they came to a decision about this route that was not objective.

This route is more costly to drive to downtown or the U of U from across town, pay for the bus, pay to park downtown all day or take the risk of getting towed, since the next bus back from PC is several hours later. Only one park ‘n’ ride? One of the stops on this route is in front of an elementary school, near the U of U. Who is going to park at an elementary school? No one. This route is not well planned.

Jerry Brunetti

Park City

People’s Health Clinic needs volunteers


Want to give yourself a gift? Share your talents with others and get extreme satisfaction. The People’s Health Clinic operates because of its volunteers. The low cost of treating patients, keeping the clinic open and offering care to those in our community is possible only because of the people who step forward and offer their services.

There is always a need for medical providers from physician assistants to specialists. Primary care fills a great need. Interpreters are always being sought out. If you are a specialist and can’t make it to the clinic, making your office available to Clinic patients would be wonderful. Having a cardiologist in the People’s Health Clinic network would be tremendous. All you need is the desire and a current Utah medical license. We will provide the rewarding feeling, the satisfied glow and the appreciative patients.

To work with the People’s Health Clinic, please contact patti@phcpc.org or call her for more information at 435-333-1879. And our heartfelt thanks to each and every volunteer who is currently making the Clinic such a valuable, viable jewel in this community.

In good health,

Patti Peters

Volunteer coordinator, The People’s Health Clinic