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Letters to the Editor, February 1-3, 2012

Local government should take high road


In response to Glenn Wright’s letter, I agree that the Quinn’s Junction movie studio deal is an example of Utah crony capitalism at its worst. But, is it any different than Talisker having Utah representatives and senators create a sweetheart deal and circumvent the established protocol to develop on Forest Service lands? Any different from the sweetheart deal Earl Holding got to develop Forest Service land at the base of his Snowbasin Resort, which led to the MIDA boondoggle? Any different from the threat of a lawsuit by Nadine Gillmor that may influence the approval of the Stone Ridge development? I believe we need to take a higher moral stand and lead by example in Summit County government. As Jerry Garcia, guitarist for the Grateful Dead, said, "Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil."

Craig Eroh

Citizens for the Alignment of Growth and the Environment (CAGE)

Look for Silly Holiday Bazaar again next year


The Park Silly Sunday Market wants to thank everyone who was a part of our first-ever Silly Holiday Bazaar. The turnout for the Silly Holiday Bazaar was great, and we could not have done it without the Park City High School staff and students. Also, thank you to all the shoppers who came out to support the local businesses.

The Park City High School students helped the Silly Holiday Bazaar in more than one way, and we loved working with them before and during the event. The girls’ basketball team, wrestling team, environmental group and Key Club all had booths at the entrance to fund-raise for their teams or groups and were very cooperative and outgoing throughout the event. The entertainment provided by the fiddle band and jazz combo band was a huge success, as they played beautifully.

Thanks to our wonderful community, the Silly Holiday Bazaar is going to be an annual event!

Kimberly Kuehn

Executive director, Park Silly Sunday Market

Help protect 120 acres in Round Valley


With the recent approval of several large commercial and residential developments, it’s comforting to know there are people out there still saving land in Summit County. The Summit Land Conservancy is asking the community for the remaining $100,000 (of a $5,700,000 easement purchase price) to protect 120 acres in Round Valley. The deadline is Feb.12th. Please visit http://www.summitlandconservancy.org or call 435-649-9884 and give what you can.

Round Valley is a landscape we all love and need. Help the Conservancy protect it forever.

Debi Scoggan

Park City

Digital billboards in your neighborhood?


The billboard industry has amazing power. Every time a community attempts to regulate the industry to improve neighborhood appearance, the result is a proposed bill at the State Legislature to stop the community’s initiative and usually to increase overall billboard protection. Remember that when a state law is passed, it applies to every community.

To date the billboard industry has been incredibly successful. Why? Could it be that the contributions to various legislators and the free ads on billboards results in a very sympathetic legislature? For some legislators, the contribution by the billboard industry is the largest contribution they get during their campaign (High Country News, 1/23/2012). Check out state law their success has already made billboards the most protected land use in the state.

And now they want digital billboards to be allowed anywhere there is an existing billboard. Communities would be given no choice on the issue. Do you want Vegas-style signs right in your front yard? Can you imagine them in Park City, Moab, or even Millcreek? Enough is enough tell your legislator that billboards are a local issue that should be determined by the people who live with them, and not by lobbyists on Capitol Hill.

John M. Janson

Salt Lake City