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Letters to the Editor, February 15-17, 2012

Electric fences won't keep dogs at bay


I am responding to the letter by Charlie Wagner concerning the leash laws in Summit County.

I completely agree that our "dogs off leash" situation is out of control, not only in the open-space areas, where multiple recreation activities occur, but also our neighborhoods with dogs placed behind electric fences.

Whether it is a problem with our law-enforcement protection agencies the Summit County sheriff, Park City police, and Summit County animal control losing necessary funding for our protection, and the legislation lines blurred as to who steps in at the point of the violation, the reality is that it will probably take a child’s face being ripped off by a dog running at large, or an older adult flattened and seriously injured by a hurling animal ready to do the same, before legislation will change.

It is a sad situation that so many pet friends will be put down because irresponsible pet owners assume the laws don’t apply to them. "Oh, my dog is friendly" is a lament an ill-advised owner usually shares when questioned as to why their dog is not on a leash. When owners only suffer a slap on the wrist, with a misdemeanor, first-time offense and a $450 fine, the math and punishment of the offense against the cost of the medical and psychological recovery just does not add up.

If one thinks that they can run by a home where a dog is contained by an electric fence and be completely safe and protected, think again.

A dog with a natural prey drive will jump that fence in a heartbeat regardless of what level the owner has placed on that shock collar.

No matter how well trained your pet friend is, he is a feral animal with a happy face. They are still animals, with instincts greater than training can completely contain, and always will be.

Never, ever assume otherwise.

Leslie Howa

Park City

KPCW listeners came through once again


Once again, KPCW is knocked out by the strong support of our listeners who responded this past week to our Valentine’s Pledge Drive. We reached our goal with contributions that ranged from $5 to $5,000. No matter the amount, your pledges mean a lot to the hard working staff of your community radio station.

Over the past 18 months, we have changed the direction of KPCW to be more local than ever, with live coverage of high school sports, concerts when we can get them, and community events, like the forum "Re-imaging Park City for the Next Generation," which was well attended in December. We are updating our music as well and we hope you can notice changes for the better.

We run on community support and we’re glad to have won your trust.

Larry Warren, general manager

Cindy water, development director

KPCW, "Your Community Voice"

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