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Letters to the Editor, February 25-28, 2012


Are we insane? Have we lost our minds? After decades of listening to people whine about the "out of place" look of the Main Street Mall, here we go again. This huge pile of scrap timbers recovered from the Great Salt Lake will have something in common with the Transcontinental Railroad but by no stretch of the imagination belongs in our Historic District. I have never heard of a designer of anything "working in a vacuum with no input from the client." I am sure it happens, but look what you get: a massive edifice that neither relates to nor complements the appeal of our small mountain town or our mining and winter sports heritage.

Let’s slow down a bit and maybe take into consideration the needs of the clients, the neighbors and our community. Unique architecture quickly becomes a landmark. This 80-foot pile of "interlocking trestle wood" will be there, every day, year in, year out, for a very long, long time. Think about it.

Randy Spagnoletti

Park City

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