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Letters to the Editor, February 29-March 2, 2012

Water resources bill sets bad precedent


(This is an open letter to the members of the Utah House of Representatives from the members of the League of Women Voters of Utah.)

The League asks you to reject House Bill 174, Sales and Use Tax Allocations for Water Resources Construction Fund (P. Painter).

We question both the need for and the viability of the St. George pipeline, the first project that the Water Resources Construction Fund would support.

  • St. George can prosper and even grow at a reasonable pace with the water supply it already has.
  • The Colorado River is very likely to have too little water to supply the pipeline.

    The League of Women Voters also asks you to reject this bill because we believe earmarked funds are bad public policy.

  • Do not tie the hands of future legislators. It is your painful duty to decide where the money goes every session.
  • We did not like the 30 percent earmark for roads of last year, we do not like the 15 percent commitment to water projects in HB 174, and we especially do not like the total: the 45 percent of new revenue growth that will be removed from the decision-making of future legislators.

    Please vote NO on HB 174.

    Marilyn O’Dell

    Co-President, League of Women Voters of Utah