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Letters to the Editor, February 8-10, 2012

Act now to save open space in Round Valley


When my husband and I moved to Park City in 1982 there were cows grazing at Kimball Junction. The road into town from I-80 was two lanes of linked potholes, with no stoplights anywhere. We loved Park City then because we had access to trails, to skiing, and the wildlife had access to us and our gardens.

Obviously, Park City has changed, and like our own four children, grown up around us. But all places change. When I go back to the town where I was raised, the changes are even more apparent than they are here. That’s because early on the people in Park City realized that we had to be proactive if we wanted to keep our unique character. Otherwise, we’d be swamped by the kind of suburban sprawl that has smothered the identity of so many other communities across the country.

So the people of Park City and Summit County found ways to save open space, but this is an ongoing battle. Development of the Osguthorpe Farm in Round Valley would have negatively impacted the entire area. A minimum of 120 homes would have displaced the elk and moose, degraded the recreational experience, and clogged our views and our roads as we drive into Park City on Highway 248.

For these reasons, the Summit Land Conservancy agreed to raise the last $1 million to protect these 120 acres forever. Our deadline is now one week away. Hundreds of your neighbors have recognized that open space in Park City is essential to us, but it isn’t free.

If you love Round Valley; if you cherish the elk and the moose that live there; if you share our belief that we must each be responsible for protecting what we value, then please visit http://www.summitlandconservancy.org today and make a contribution to see the Round Valley Ranch protected forever.

Thank you,

Linda Karz

Board president

Summit Land Conservancy

Galveston’s gain is Park City’s loss


Former Assistant City Manager Michael Kovacs has moved on to Texas. Galveston’s gain is Park City’s loss. Michael exemplified all that is good in local government. He was exceptionally diligent (I’ve seen him working at midnight and back at it again early the next morning), friendly, helpful, and always professional.

Best wishes to Michael and I hope he will consider returning to Park City or Summit County government someday in the future.

Michael Kaplan

Park City

Without them there’d be no student exchanges


We recently completed our 18th round of student exchanges on behalf of the U.S. China Peoples Friendship Association, Park City High School and Beijing # 4 High School in Beijing, China, between students of the two schools. This wonderfully meaningful event could not have taken place without the much appreciated support of many in our community. We would like to especially thank the following people and organizations:

* Gary and Jana Cole of Cole Sport.

* Deer Valley and Canyons resorts

* Identity Properties Rob and Faye Slettom

* Swire Coca Cola and the Utah Jazz

* Jim Tedford

* Mayor Dana Williams

* National History Museum of Utah

* The Hinckley Institute of Politics and Professor Tim Chambless

* Westminster College and DeanWang Jin and Professor Chris Tong

* Nick’s Greek Café

* Bill White Enterprises

Shirley Smith and Val Chin

Co-chairs, U.S. China Peoples Friendship Association, Utah Chapter