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Letters to the Editor, January 12-15, 2013

Hall family felt embraced and at home


We’d like to thank all who joined us for Lois’s memorial and those who have sent their love and support. It was uplifting and helped much. She wanted it to be fun and that it was. Many worked hard to put it together and our special love to them.

To the musicians, you were amazing and made the difference. The Christian Center was accommodating, helpful and the perfect location.

We felt embraced and at home, and hope you did too. Friendships of our lifetime! Bless you and this wonderful place she loved.

Dan Hall

On behalf of the Hall family

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Skiing powder on skis handmade in Park City


I just want to thank Ramp Sports for supporting the Park City Peace House with a donation of some skis and thereby getting me on a pair of awesome new powder skis.

I love my new Peace Pipe skis and am thrilled with the idea that these skis are handmade in Park City. It was really nice to go right to the factory and pick them up and have them mounted for free by the same factory technicians who built the skis.

The skis are not only beautiful to look at, they are fabulous in the powder. Thank you, Ramp, for your donation to the Peace House as well as some great customer service. Please support our local companies and treat yourself to some fabulous skis. Thank you.

Dave Allen

Park City

Second Amendment is vital to our survival


The 2nd Amendment was wisely placed almost at the top of the Bill of Rights in our U.S. Constitution. That is because it is so vitally important to maintaining a free republic. It deals with the individual’s right to be armed to protect ourselves from the oppression of a tyrannical government. (Why would they put anything regarding "sporting or recreation" in the Constitution?)

The administration is now talking about violating that very sacrosanct constitutional protection by infringing our right to keep and bear arms. If they do so, it will be a step in the direction of becoming tyrannical, which we cannot allow. Any such law or executive directive will be illegal and therefore totally unenforceable.

We the patriotic citizens of our great land will not tolerate it, nor will we comply. We must stand up for the true principles of freedom, just as our forefathers did, or they will be lost forever.

Captain James C Green

Heber City