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Letters to the Editor, January 13-15, 2010

Obama doesn't have a magic wand


A year ago, if we had read in the paper that employers were hiring again, that health-care legislation was proceeding without a bump, that Afghanistan suddenly became a nice place to take your kids, we would’ve known we were being lied to. Back then, we recognized that the problems Obama inherited as President wouldn’t go away overnight.

During his campaign, Obama clearly said that an economy that took eight years to break couldn’t be fixed in a year, that Afghanistan was a graveyard of empires, and would not be an easy venture for us. Candidate Obama didn’t feed us happy-talk, which is why we elected him. He never said America could solve our health-care, economic and security problems without raising the deficit. Instead, he talked of hard choices, of government taking painful and contentious first steps towards fixing problems that can’t be left for another day.

Right after Obama’s election, we seemed to grasp this. We understood that companies would be happy to squeeze more work out of frightened employees and would be slow to hire more. We understood that the banks that had extorted us out of billions of dollars were lying when they said they would share their recovery. We understood that a national consensus on health care would not come easily. Candidate Obama never claimed that his proposed solutions would work flawlessly right out of the box, and we respected him for that.

But today, the President is being attacked as if he were a salesman who promised us that our problems would wash off in the morning. He never made such a promise. It’s time for Americans to realize that governing is hard work, and that a President can’t just wave a magic wand and fix everything.

Ellie Light


Lovin’ Round Valley groomed trails


That resounding ka-ching you just heard is the sound of my recent donation to Mountain Trails Foundation. Having just returned from the groomed trails in Round Valley, my euphoria was running too high to ignore. What a treasure! Million-dollar views, undulating trails that don’t double back every hundred yards, near-perfect grooming, silly grins pasted on the faces of everyone I passed, and a moose cow and calf to top it off. It’s been a long time coming, but Park City can now lay claim to some of the finest nordic trails anywhere. Many thanks to everyone who has helped us get there and let’s all do our part to keep this gem getting better and better. And don’t forget to send a little lovin’ Mountain Trail’s way.

Pete Dunmire

Park City

Swim team fan turnout is pathetic


The Park City High School Swim Team are truly the unsung heros of the school. Every weekday from 3 to 5, the 51 members of the swim team head to Ecker Hill Aquatic Center for a rigorous practice. Then, when a swim meet swings around, the team isn’t mentioned at school, and the stands at the pool are filled with the opposing team’s fans. The Park City fan turnout is pathetic. Even fans coming from southern Utah outnumber the fans from Park City.

In 2008, the Park City Girls Swim Team finished first in state. What kind of recognition do they get? A measly "good job" at the winter recognition assembly. When the girls’ cross-country team won state, they appeared on Park City High School’s Miner Morning Show, and were the talk of the school. Maybe it’s because the swim coach isn’t on the payroll at Park City High School.

Our coach may not be a teacher at the school, but I feel more recognition and support are needed for the swim team — which is not a club sport. So please Park City fans, I know there isn’t a ball involved, but come support the Park City High School swimmers! The Region X swim meet is on January 23 at 3:45.

Robbie Hatch

Park City

Stone Ridge should consult neighbors


Those planning the Stone Ridge development must be frustrated with the process of planning their development. However, they are forgetting that after they walk away with their money, we in the community live with the results.

Trailside area has developers that have left both positive and negative results. I’d like to ask the Stone Ridge developers to follow the example of Fieldstone which had many meetings with the residents and actually addressed those concerns (traffic, open space pedestrian-friendly etc.) in their development.

Please listen to us — those whose roads, schools and quality of life will be impacted in a big way. I believe you can do this and still walk away with money in the end. Thanks to those who have tried in the past. It left us a terrific neighborhood.

Penny Evans

Park City

Roger was a true community steward


I’ll be remembering Roger’s youthful grin, his hearty laugh and a couple of afternoons with him at Lakota smoking a cigar and enjoying an adult beverage.

Having the pleasure of working with Roger during his earlier years on the City Council, I often described him as a true "community steward." Unlike many, Roger served Park City with no hidden agendas or special interests.

He truly was one of the good guys and will be missed.

Bob Johnston

Sacramento, Calif.

Roger delivered a special message


If you were listening real closely last Tuesday you may have heard the soft breeze blow through town. That would have been our dear friend Roger leaving for paradise.

Almost everything that could be said about Roger and our love for him has already been said. We all want to thank him again for delivering that special message of God’s grace through faith, the message that cannot be taken, won’t rust or wear out and can never lost or stolen. It’s written in the timeless words of "Amazing Grace."

"Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see. When we’ve been here ten thousand years bright shining as the sun. We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise than when we first begun."

There is a reason that it is called amazing grace and that is we can never earn it or deserve it. It was given in return for our faith in Jesus Christ. "For all that received Him, for those who believed in His Name, it gave them the right to be called children of God." — John 1:9.

Roger would want to ask for one last request and that would be to offer an open invitation for all men who to drop in on the Bible Fellowship and study he led for the past ten years. He didn’t care where you are in your life you would be welcome. So, if you already have a church or don’t go to church at all, it mattered little to Roger and won’t matter to any of us who will now carry on without him. We gather for fellowship and study at 7 a.m. each Friday at Mountain Life Church, 7275 Silver Creek Road in Silver Springs.

Phil Thompson

Park City

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