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Letters to the Editor, January 16-18, 2013

Let's have reasonable gun-rights discussion


In response to Captain James C Green’s letter to the editor on the Second Amendment being vital to our survival, I wonder where he gets his info that anyone is taking away your right to bear arms.

Gabby and Mark Giffords spoke so intelligently on both of them being Second Amendment supporters and gun owners. But, as victims, they believe that this amendment does not unconditionally give anybody the right to own, especially, weapons that are meant to kill humans! General McChrystal, who has used these weapons in combat and seen the effects of what these weapons can do, has said, "They are meant to destroy a human."

So tell me how anyone is taking away your right to bear arms? I have never, ever seen that mentioned or even closely resembling taking all your arms away? Please all, can we have intelligent conversations about gun ownership, registration, background checks and just doing what is right? This blatant misinterpretation like the good Captain’s is unreasonable. And the basis for so much of the anger over these discussions after Sandy Hook, Aurora etc., etc.

Register, background checks, waiting periods and limiting human-killing weapons for combat. Does that sound reasonable?

I’m wondering if we should change the NRA to mean "Not Reasonable Anymore?

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I am sure our children and law enforcement would be safer and respect us more for being an intelligent species.


Robert Goody

Park City

Taking up arms against government is treason


"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

The 2nd Amendment was an eminently reasonable doctrine in the frontier society of the 1790s when a gun was a basic tool of existence and state militias were self armed. Those days are long past.

There is an element in our society that resists any restrictions on gun ownership and even goes so far as to opine that the real reason for the 2nd Amendment is to provide means to overthrow our elected government. That theory is clearly wrong. A clear reading of the amendment shows that the purpose was to support the militias, today’s National Guard.

We are a nation of laws. To make changes in the government, we have elections. To take up arms against the government is treason.

Today, roughly four people out of 100,000 Americans are gun-homicide victims in the United States every year, but even more, roughly 10 in 100,000, die from guns from all causes, when including accidents and suicides. These rates are 20 times that of other advanced nations and similar to rates in some of the most lawless places on earth.

We lose more Americans to gun violence in one month than we have lost in Afghanistan or lost on D-Day, more in two years than in Vietnam. There is a direct correlation between gun deaths and the number of guns in a society.

There are many things that might be done to reduce gun violence. Most people think that banning assault-type weapons, making background checks mandatory for all gun sales, banning sales to felons and the mentally unstable and making gun trafficking a federal offense are reasonable ideas.

The opponents of these reasonable measures cite the 2nd Amendment. While the Supreme Court has affirmed the right to possess firearms in the home for self defense, it has also stated that the right is not unlimited, thus these measures are surely constitutional. If the opponents of reasonable gun laws continue to resist these changes, they may encourage the rest of the population to do, what up to now has been unthinkable, repeal the 2nd Amendment.

Glenn Wright

Park City

Grateful for The Playing for Life Foundation


I want to express my appreciation to The Playing for Life Foundation in Park City! During 2013, The Playing for Life Foundation will sponsor six of Image Reborn Foundation’s therapeutic no-cost healing retreats for breast-cancer survivors facilitated predominately by breast-cancer survivors. I am grateful for the foundation’s support!

Coping with the side effects of breast cancer through a combination of exercise, good nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, and stress-reduction benefits body and mind, and improves the quality of life for breast cancer survivors. The Image Reborn Foundation retreats provide this and more.

The Playing for Life Foundation’s mission is to raise funds through different platforms such as golf tournaments or other events to benefit breast-cancer research for the purpose of finding a cure, cancer prevention, mammograms, survivor care, support and treatment. Check out the foundation’s website regularly for details on the 8th Annual Playing for Life Golf Invitational and Breast Cancer Fundraiser. For more information on The Playing for Life Foundation, please go to http://www.theplayingforlifefoundation.org .

Check the Image Reborn Foundation website, http://www.imagerebornfoundation.org , for our 2013 retreat schedule.

Our sincere thanks again,

Julie Bernhard

Executive director, Image Reborn Foundation