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Letters to the Editor, January 16-19, 2010

Pet listings are a valuable service


As a Park Record subscriber, I just thought I would pass along one of the things I really appreciate about the paper. Every week we see the pets listed for adoption at Furburbia. It works. So far we have adopted a dog and a cat. Now we are starting to ponder another cat. Having the section appear in the paper every issue is great. It gets people thinking about all the pets that need homes.

Things like this really make The Park Record a class act and an important part of the community.


Steve Joyce

Park City

They are calling him a miracle eagle


Last Friday night, on my way home on Highway 248, a golden eagle spread its expansive wings and soared down, hitting the real wheel well of my car. The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah considers this mature golden eagle a miracle.

After the "impact," I backed up, jumped out of my car and ran to this large flailing bird as another woman pulled over to help. She was on her cell phone with the sheriff immediately, and then pulled her truck behind the struggling eagle lying in the fast lane so traffic was diverted. While we were waiting for the highway patrol, another gentleman pulled over and picked up the bird, now in apparent shock, and put him on the side of the highway. He gave the bird a gentle pat on the back and me a consoling hug.

The sheriff told me there had been a golden eagle hit earlier and not found, and this was probably the same eagle. As we waited for the Utah Wildlife Resources Division to pick up the eagle, the sheriff was so thoughtful as to ask how I was, if my car was damaged (another miracle no damage), and asked for my name and number so they could let me know what happened to the eagle.

A couple of hours later I got a call from the sheriff’s office letting me know the eagle was still alive, transported to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah (WRCNU) and was in surgery. I spoke to WRCNU and they said for a bird to survive the two extensive injuries to his body was a miracle.

I write this for three reasons. One, the thank those who stopped to console me and help the eagle; second, to let them know the eagle survived; third, because the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah is under-funded and could use our help. If you would like to donate you can go to their website at http://www.WRCNU.org.

Most importantly, every member of Summit County should know there is a place for a terminally ill bird to have a peaceful death. It might even turn out to be a miracle bird!

Juliy Marie

Wanship, Utah

One of our finest elected officials


I was saddened to hear of Roger Harlan’s recent passing. I had the privilege of working with Roger during my tenure as Park City’s Community Development Director from 1992 to 2003 while he was a member of the City Council. He was truly a gentleman and cared compassionately for this community. Always treating citizens, city employees and others with fairness and respect, he was one of Park City’s finest elected officials and community leader.

His capacity for carefully considering all sides of important community issues and standing behind his decisions with confidence and commitment was just one of his many personal attributes. Always ready with a smile and happy greeting, I had the pleasure of many friendly conversations with him years after working for the City.

Roger, you will truly be missed.


Richard E. Lewis

Park City

A gift the whole community can share


Park City Lodging did something really special for local open space this past holiday season. Instead of buying a gift for the condo owners who rent their properties through Park City Lodging, the company made a substantial contribution to the Summit Land Conservancy. A contribution to protect local open space is a gift that the whole community can share.

The Summit Land Conservancy is grateful for each and every contribution we receive, from individuals, foundations, and corporations. Without this kind of ongoing and significant support, the open spaces we enjoy, such as the McPolin Farmlands, the wildlife habitat on Quarry Mountain, and the quiet trails in Round Valley would be lost.

I sincerely hope that those condo owners, who must share a love for the landscape of Park City, appreciate Park City Lodging’s generosity on their behalf. We do!

Richard Sheinberg

Board chair, Summit Land Conservancy

Mother Nature’s unsung helpers


I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the snow makers at our local resorts. As we rest comfortably at home, these brave souls endure frigid temperatures, frozen ice and all the other hazards helping us get our resorts opened as scheduled. Thanks to them, it keeps our economy moving along when Mother Nature is not being cooperative. And the conditions ain’t that bad, thanks to the snow makers

Robert Good

Wanship, Utah

Utah Legislature needs ethics reform


A petition for ethics reform in the Utah Legislature is now being circulated throughout the state. The Utah Citizens’ Counsel, a nonpartisan group of fifteen concerned senior citizens, urges all registered voters to sign the petition.

Because ethics reform has failed to make significant progress in the Legislature, more than 20 former legislators and many other community leaders have created Utahns for Ethical Government to develop an initiative that will enable voters at the 2010 General Election to establish limits on the amounts that individuals and corporations can give to legislative candidates, prohibit retiring lawmakers from becoming paid lobbyists for two years, and ban all lobbyists gifts to legislators except for light refreshments.

Utah is one of only ten states lacking an independent ethics commission. The Utah Constitution provides that citizens may legislate through the initiative process, and we strongly believe that when the Legislature fails to act, citizens must assert their right to act to correct bad behavior. The Utah Citizens’ Counsel (Robert Archeleta, Genevieve Atwood (emeritus), Aileen Clyde, Gale Dick, Irene Fisher, David Irvine, Boyer Jarvis, Chase Peterson, Grethe Peterson, Bonner Ritchie, Dee Rowland, Karl Snow, Emma Lou Thayne, Raymond Uno, Olene Walker) strongly supports the petition drive.

Boyer Jarvis

Salt Lake City

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