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Letters to the Editor, January 2-5, 2010

Summit Council thanks interim manager


Attached are five letters to the editor from each (member) of the (Summit) County Council regarding Brian Bellamy as interim manager. I hope you will be able to print them in the next edition of your paper. Thanks very much.

John Hanrahan, MD

Chair, Summit County Council

Dear Brian Bellamy, retiring interim county manager,

Right after we were elected, you and your staff began educating us to the County’s ways and our duties. Ever since, you have worked tirelessly to ensure that we and this new government got off on the right foot. Thank you for all you’ve done!

From Day One, hiring your replacement was our primary goal (even though it’s taken longer than expected due to the cumbersome process we were mandated to follow). But we were spoiled during that extra time by your excellent brand of leadership. It consists of: a terrific, upbeat, optimistic attitude; value, respect, and compassion for the individual; wisdom to know when to spur and when to rein-in; a quest for excellence; willingness to make whatever personal sacrifice necessary for the common good; an absence of any ego; an abundance of charity; the courage to make the tough decisions now rather than rationalize punting to your successor; and above all, a love for Summit County, its employees, citizens and multifaceted culture.

When repeatedly asked when the new manager would be hired, I invariably responded we have superb interim leadership, and therefore, the Council feels no need to let expediency override prudence. Left to our own devices (i.e., without a mandated selection process), we could have very successfully moved forward indefinitely with you at the helm.

The good news is you’re still with us, devoting your full time once again as human resources director. Our new county manager, Bob Jasper, has big shoes to fill. Fortunately, he also has big feet! And he’ll have you around as a great ally and resource!

May your greatest gift this season be the assurance, satisfaction, and confidence that come from having met a challenge head-on and mastered it very, very well!

Chris Robinson

Summit County Council

Dear Brian,

Getting to know you has been one of the greatest pleasures of my first year as a Summit County Councilor. When describing you to others, I always use words such as inspiring, selfless, tireless, capable, intelligent and loyal. But words are inadequate to express my love and appreciation for all you have done for me, the County Council, and all of Summit County throughout this past year. I will miss your guidance terribly. I don’t care that your title had the word "interim" in it to me you will always be Summit County’s first county manager.

Claudia McMullin

Summit County Council

Brian you’re the man

It has really only been about a year that we have known each other, but the relationship we have nurtured will develop into a lifetime of respect and admiration. You have set the standard for us as a council to follow without intruding into our space. Wisely making suggestions and hoping we would listen and put them into action, but even when we opposed those ideas, you respectfully carried out the assignment without complaining.

Your position as interim manager was a difficult job to accomplish with both the council and your fellow employees watching to see how you would serve. Both groups were pleased at how you handled the difficult situations you were placed in. Respect and fair would be two words people would use to describe the relationships with those that come in contact with you.

May I say in closing, thank you to you and your wife for the countless hours you gave to the county this year as the interim manager, also all the other county employees who give services to the residents of Summit County.

Dave Ure

Summit County Council.

Thank you, Mr. Bellamy

I want to publicly and personally thank Brian Bellamy for his outstanding service to Summit County for many years, but specifically the past 12 months as interim county manager. I have worked closely with Brian for the past 14 months. He has been gracious, wise, energetic and very capable as he shepherded me, the Council and the staff through our governmental transition. Brian has made difficult decisions, but always fairly and with the interests of the County at heart. He has moved the County forward in many areas of litigation, planning, staffing, finances and services to residents. He has been a great role model for me personally to do my best for our County. I am very grateful and appreciative of the uncounted long hours Brian has put in on our behalf.

Brian, great job! Thank you!

John Hanrahan, MD

Chair, Summit County Council

Thanks, Brian

You are a real trooper. I’ve known you since the 1990s when Summit County Commission realized they needed to be more professional about the way they managed the careers of our wonderful employees. You took a dysfunctional system and turned it into a real personnel system with policies and benefits and procedures that exemplify a modern governmental regime. We desperately needed your expertise and you gave us a system that is the envy of counties all over the West.

You are such a trooper that you’ve driven every day, for all these years, from Salt Lake City to Coalville to give us the benefit of your very professional expertise. You love Summit County and you love our wonderful employees just as much as we do. You have made Summit County your "mission" and we adore the professionalism and the dedication you have given to our commitment.

I appreciated working with you during my tenure as a County Commissioner and I always marveled at the wisdom of your advice and the efficiency of your office, the Human Resources Department. Summit County’s troops appreciate your concern for their interests

I never dreamed that you would turn out to be the fantastic "interim county manager" that you have been. You’ve been a trooper with real gumption. You’ve made some very difficult decisions. You’ve made them with integrity and you’ve been very firm in your commitments. I have nothing but the very highest regards for your expertise, your ethical standards and your integrity. You’ve always placed Summit County’s interests above all else. What a trooper you’ve been!

Sally Elliott

Summit County Council

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