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Letters to the Editor, January 23-25, 2013

Peace House grateful for Realtors' hard work


We are thrilled that Dave Allen is enjoying the fresh powder on his new Ramp Sports skis (see Letters to the Editor, Jan. 12-15, 2013). But to clarify, Mr. Allen acquired his skis as the result of a donation Ramp Sports made to the Park City Board of Realtors toward their annual auction/gala and the tandem Luxury Home Tour. Proceeds from the annual two-part event are then donated by the Park City Board of Realtors to Peace House.

We at Peace House are forever grateful to the Park City Board of Realtors and the Park City Board of Realtors Philanthropic Foundation that each summer host the auction/gala and the Luxury Home Tour. Without their hard work seeking donations from local businesses and pulling together all the pieces that make the auction/gala and Luxury Home Tour a huge success, their donation to Peace House would not be possible.

Peace House thanks the Park City Board of Realtors and community members like Dave Allen who support their events with attendance and participation in the lively auction.

Jane B. Patten

Peace House executive director

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Help PCEF support your school Jan. 28-31


As my daughters grow up in the Park City School District, I am grateful for all the great teachers and programs they have had over the years. I feel so lucky to live in a community where quality teachers, volunteers and administrators are available to teach my kids. My girls have attended five of the seven schools, and it seems that the Park City Education Foundation has also been an integral part of their experiences: youth orchestra and science classes at Ecker Hill, leadership class at Treasure, math and chemistry labs at the high school, and so much more. This year, PCEF will provide over $500,000 to our schools, funding of grants for teachers, schools and district programs such as: CAPS, pre-school, elementary after-school programs, STEM, dual-immersion, the arts, and so much more.

One goal of PCEF is to raise $180 per child per year, just $1 per day of school. There are many opportunities to give throughout the year, such as the Beat the Call & Phone-a-thon events. PCEF just finished partnering with each school to Beat The Call before January 18th. This exciting program is an opportunity for each school to earn several class parties sponsored by Winder Farms and Papa John’s Pizza. This contest is based on participation and can be so much fun for the kids. One school will even win a $2,000 grant thanks to Winder Farms. A $180 donation during this contest will also help you Beat the Call, as the annual PCEF Phone-a-Thon is the week of January 28th. So many of you have already Beat the Call, and I thank you!

This year’s Phone-a-Thon, Jan. 28-31, will again be a great time to come together with your volunteer group, children, spouses, and friends to help PCEF support your school. Whether volunteering to make calls or just being friendly when receiving the call, you can make a difference! Please join these local businesses in support of our schools: Papa John’s, the UPS Stores and Winder Farms.

I encourage you to think about all the great PCEF programs your family has been part of and will be a part of through the years. See PCEF’s website for more information, volunteer sign-up and donation opportunities, http://www.pcef4kids.org . Please continue to support the excellence in our schools and keep those great experiences coming for all of our kids!

Erik Falter

Park City

A New Year’s message: resolution and change


It is insightful to appreciate literature and current events. These works and pages are a good representation of world cultures, human nature, and everlasting change.

Tyrants and despots are a threat to human rights and the greater good of society. Futuristic literature displays this theme from such novels as the "Hunger Games" trilogy and "Fahrenheit 451" to "1984" and "Brave New World." These stories portray totalitarian governments as corrupt, evil and inhumane while violating human rights, civil liberties and individual privacy.

I am inspired to strive for a change in this world and vow to fight against the evil injustices that exist or may develop in our world (i.e., Syria’s abuses of its citizens). A universal free society and democratic order need to be implemented, ideals and institutions safeguarded, which our founding fathers advocated for democracy, world peace, justice, the American Dream and living a life of liberty, prosperity and righteousness.

I call on the American people to strive for change and goodwill through social entrepreneurship, philanthropy and charitable services.

Zach Haskins

Park City

Permissive laws, gun violence go together


In a recent guest editorial concerning violence and gun laws in America (Jan. 19-22) the author makes valid points about video games and mental health options (or lack thereof). He goes seriously off track, however, when he implies that states with permissive gun laws have lower homicide rates than do those with more strict laws. Louisiana, Mississippi and New Mexico have the highest rates of gun violence. All have lax gun laws. It’s worth noting that New York City with some of the strictest gun laws in the nation has seen its murder rate drop by three quarters in the last 30 years; 50 percent in the last 15 years.

With regard to mass murder we should look to Australia. In the 18 years preceding a ban on and recall of semiautomatic weapons in 1998, Australians suffered 13 mass murders. Since that law passed they have had none. We might also consider Western Europe, which has a much lower murder rate and far fewer guns per capita.

Even more revealing is that, of those murders committed in Europe, a far smaller percentage is committed with firearms. The claim that guns do not explain death by guns reminds us of pre-lawsuit days when tobacco companies told us there was no proven link between cigarettes and lung cancer. That mentality was wrong then and remains so today.

Harry Bolger

Park City