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Letters to the Editor, January 26-29, 2013

Newspaper's campaign offered great exposure


I would like to express my appreciation to The Park Record for the "Help Give Back" campaign that the newspaper has implemented. On behalf of all participating local nonprofits, thank you so very much!

As part of the campaign, our local nonprofit, Image Reborn Foundation Living Beyond Breast Cancer, was showcased. For every new 1-month subscription, we received a $5 donation during the month of December. Aside from the subscription donation, we received valuable media exposure, in ad form, to further our cause of helping women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to move beyond their diagnoses. We provide no-cost personal retreat therapy experiences to help survivors reclaim their personal power and to strengthen them in their journey toward healing on all levels. Your Park Record "Help Give Back" campaign will help us achieve our goals as we move forward in 2013.

Many thanks to The Park Record for your ongoing pay-it-forward community service campaign. You rock!

My sincere thanks again,

Julie Bernhard

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Executive director, Image Reborn Foundation

Designate trails for those who walk dogs


While it is unfortunate that someone was bit by an unleashed dog while enjoying Park City’s wonderful trail system, punishing everyone else who walks dogs is hardly fair. I have hiked with my dogs on the Round Valley trails for more than two decades and until the trail system was better developed in recent years, there were no conflicts.

This past summer I was run off the trails on several occasions by aggressive cyclists and I’ve lost count of how many close calls I’ve had with other trail users who don’t respect hikers, but I’m not so selfish that I would propose that skiers and cyclists can only use the trails on certain days. Nor would I put a leash on all of those athletes because a few exhibit poor behavior. I would support designation of specific trails for those of us who would like to walk our dogs without the fear of getting knocked down or run over.

Beverly Hurwitz MD

Park City