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Letters to the Editor, January 30-February 1, 2013

No assault rifles used in Tucson, Newtown


The Park Record has the right to publish editorials. Though opinion is appropriate in such letters, the newspaper has an obligation it get its facts straight before publishing. The editorial incorrectly states that assault rifles were used to shoot both Gabby Gifford and the Connecticut school children. Assault rifles were not used to kill in either case. It is difficult to deal with complex issues when our media reports incorrect information. Please try to be more accurate when disseminating facts. Thank you.

Mike Hessick

Park City

Dave Edmunds doesn’t speak for many of us

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This is an open letter to President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President,

I want to be perfectly clear that Dave Edmunds (our Summit County sheriff) and the president of the Utah Sheriffs Association, in no way, shape or form represents my view on gun control. Period. I am speaking for many of us, including those who voted for Dave Edmunds in Summit County.

We respect our commander in chief. We love America. We look forward to your second term. We elected you because we believe in you. The tone of the letter from the Utah Sheriffs Association was unAmerican.

I cannot say I voted for him. The bullying that goes on in that department is only reinforced by Sheriff Edmunds’ idea that this letter somehow represents Summit County, Mr. President.

I respect and honor you, sir. I believe that the Constitution of the United States of America is as brilliant a document as has ever been written. The gun debate has brought out a shameful misunderstanding of the constitutional meaning and intent of our freedom.

Mr. President, my friends in Connecticut couldn’t see their child who had died in Newtown. They identified her sweet face from a picture, so terrible was the damage.

Thank you for speaking for her.

With great respect,

Shelley Vebber

Oakley, Utah

How the People’s Health Clinic spells hero


Turns out "hero" has an alternate spelling and it’s A-t-t-i-c-u-s! Atticus Tea House and Books has gone above and beyond in supporting the People’s Health Clinic’s Reach Out and Read program. Over the past year, Atticus patrons have donated over $1,000 of proceeds from the sale of their used books at the store. These funds allow us to present young clinic patients with brand new, age-appropriate books. Literate children are on the road to becoming healthier adults it’s a win-win situation.

The kids’ smiles are priceless as they leave the clinic with new books of their very own. And the encouragement their parents receive to read as a family is so valuable. Thank you, Ericah and Randy, for making these gifts possible.

Sarah Klingenstein

Community outreach coordinator

Melissa Band and Maddy Shear

Reach Out and Read volunteers

The People’s Health Clinic