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Letters to the Editor, July 11-13, 2012

Could this be our next Olympic sport?


In the July 7th issue of the Record, Tom Clyde reports on a new national sport: "binge drinking/target shooting." This is a new one on me, so what are the rules and how do we find out about them? How much do you have to drink to "binge"? Are there rules about what kind of guns are allowed such as Tommy guns, small cannon and homemade zip guns? I bet there are a few Tommys in attics hereabout.

Anyway, sounds like the possibilities are endless and anyone should be able to qualify. Who knows, it might become our next Olympic sport.

Tom Hurd

Park City

Europe is going solar; what’s holding us back?


Great article about the need for a huge solar push in the U.S. in Saturday’s Park Record. It so happens we returned this spring from a year in Europe and saw firsthand just how far behind we are.

Every country in Western Europe is becoming energy independent via the use of solar. Even the two Eastern Europe countries we spent time in were doing the same (Czech Republic and Poland). They are not a bit worried about addiction to oil, nor are they worried about energy costs.

Basically, almost every home has solar panels on the roof and produces its own electricity. Those that don’t buy their electricity from nearby farmers and ranchers who have enough space to install "solar farms." Europe is also moving fast toward cars that are partially or fully electric and can be charged off their solar panels. It appears they could soon be close to 100% oil and gas independent! No drilling, no fracking, no coal-burning power plants, no compromising with oil-producing countries because of oil addiction. The U.S. has the technology, and we have the potential workforce. We wonder: What has been holding us back?

James Miller

Carrie Lyen

Park City

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