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Letters to the Editor, July 14-17, 2012

Main Street needs more garbage cans


We need more garbage cans on Main Street. People are throwing stuff on the ground. We saw matches on the ground. We saw cigarettes and beer cans on Main Street. People should pick up their trash. We are concerned.

Phin Campbell

Colin Hailey

(6 years old)

Park City

How could we trust Romney as president?


If a potential president can conceal his offshore finances, avoid taxes, and be a principal in a company that specialized in destroying companies by firing employees, maximizing profits, and then gutting the companies and bankrupting them, how could we possibly trust him as our president. He stinks of hypocrisy, empty promises, and lies, and is against everything constitutional and Christian. If Mormons see him as their savior and the providential salvation of this country, they are totally deluded.

Michael S. Robinson

Riverton, Utah

Some ‘84098’ residents pay too much sales tax


(This is an open letter to those who live in Zip code 84098.)

When you purchase something online or from a catalog, the retailer (Amazon for example) looks at the name of the city in your address (rather than the Zip code) and charges sales tax accordingly. I recently paid an extra $76 on a $7,000 purchase. This means that you pay too much, Park City gets more than it should, and Summit County gets the short end of the stick. So unless you enjoy the additional esteem of living in Park City, change your address to Snyderville.

Ray Johnson


Help friends, neighbors break the idling habit


One hot day on our recent family vacation to Colorado, I found myself in a parking lot next to an idling father. Okay, I thought, what do I have to lose by asking him to flip his switch I’ll probably never see the guy again. I contemplated, nearly gestured, contemplated some more … but in the end kept mum.

However, the experience made me realize how grateful I am to be supported by a city and county who supports this action. Park City passed an Idle Free Resolution in December, 2010, and Summit County was close behind. Both ordinances support no more than three minutes of idling, with some exceptions, for health, environmental and financial reasons.

One day, while waiting for my son to finish soccer at Willow Creek Park, again, I encountered an idling father. That time it was different, I had a legal umbrella of support. Once eye contact was obtained, I gently flipped my fingers as if I were turning off an ignition with a wee smile. He rolled down his window, wondering … I asked him if he had yet heard about Summit County’s Idle Free Resolution. Another father happened to be observing our interaction and immediately stood up for me: "Yup, no idling here in Park City." The father proceeded to turn off his ignition without a struggle. Others haven’t been so compliant.

While many people understand this resolution, they lack the courage to say anything to their idling neighbors, friends, or parking-lot strangers who still possess this habit. Please do. As peers, please help them break the habit. You have support and you are voicing your eco/health-cop opinion for a valid reason.

While I still haven’t mustered up the guts to confront a certain idling friend, I will get there, but only with some creativity and TLC. Good luck, and thank you Park City and Summit County.

Mary Closser

Park City

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