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Letters to the Editor, July 20-22, 2011

It was a great day for the animals


It was a great day for the animals on Saturday, July 16, at Friends of Animals Utah’s Bark in the Park Dog Festival. The day started with 250+ runners, many with their dogs, running the 5-K9 Fun Run. People and their pups got a chance to try out the agility course, lure coursing, and participate in contests including Musical Sit and American Howl. There were vendor booths and rescue groups — there to share their love of all things dog. A big thank you to all of the sponsors, vendors, volunteers and participants.

A special thanks to Booster Juice, Sysco and Farr Premium Ice Cream for their generous donation of breakfast and lunch. There were many volunteers helping with the race and the festival and the event could not have been held without you. Paws up to Mark Huber, the 5-K9 race coordinator, Kitty Bennion, volunteer coordinator, and Camilla Kragius, volunteer and top fundraiser for the 5-K9.

Charlene Brewster

Event chairperson

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He was there when the chips were down


When my husband and I moved to Park City 3 years ago, we came for many reasons: to open a new business on Main Street, experience the mountain lifestyle, and to enjoy the many outdoor activities that Park City has to offer, to name a few.

What we have found has been a wonderful community full of friendly, helpful people.

Today on my way home from work, I had a flat tire. I was stopped on Main Street and had called my insurance company for roadside assistance. Suddenly Chip came to my rescue! He changed my tire in less than 15 minutes! I offered to compensate him but he insisted on only a thank you.

Chip is a longtime Park City resident and I’m sure he has many good friends. He felt that this was something that any Parkite would do for someone in need.

Thank you, Chip!

Nancy Zierk